6 Rules To Be Noted About Denmark

6 Rules To Be Noted About Denmark

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Denmark is located in the northern parts of Europe and is the oldest empire in Europe. It has great wealth of fascinating national pride and history. The country has more than just the irresistible Tivoli pleasure gardens, the Little Mermaid statue and the Rocco Frederiksstaden palaces. It has some strange laws, rules and quirky culture which every visitor should be well informed after he or she Learn Danish.

1.      Spicy Traditions; the Milestone of Birthdays

Marriages are becoming increasingly optional in Denmark. However, on turning 25 years without being married, then cinnamon is supposed to be thrown all over the individual. This means that plenty of cinnamon is used. Some are even caked in the spice. If the same person does not get married by 30, then cinnamon doused pepper is used instead.

2.      Naming Babies

In Denmark, there are several government ministries that regulate how babies are named. Babies are not supposed to be given frivolous, peculiar or silly names. The names are standard since the culture there esteems sameness and discourages standing out names. There are only 7000 pre-approved girls and boys names that parents can choose from. Otherwise, if the name has odd spelling and familiar, the chances of being rejected are high.

3.      Optional Helmets

Cycling is the most preferred method of getting around in Denmark. This can be seen from the numerous wide bike lanes on every road in the country. Half of the Copenhageners transit on bicycles on a daily basis and throughout the country there are twice as much bicycles as cars. Despite cycling being the most preferred mode of transport, it is interesting to know that Use of helmets is optional in Denmark.

4.      Pusher Street Legality

Up until 2004, hash and weed were openly accepted along the Pusher Street. The pusher street is found in Freetown in Copenhagen. The neighborhood was established in 1971 by hippies for experimenting the social alternative lifestyle. Since then up to 2004, when drug trafficking and usage was made illegal, the region have been liberal towards drugs. The drug business is still being conducted secretly and the bodyguards ensure that the no “photography policy” is highly observed along these streets due to the fear of being arrested.

5.      No Rule Breakers Allowed

The Danish observe rules to the latter. A striking example is the road signs rules. Everyone is expected to wait for the green light before crossing the street, despite absence of cars or bicycles. Foreigners can be differentiated from Danes by the way a Dane remains standing in a vacated sidewalk waiting for the LED man to indicate that it is time to cross.

6.      Happiness

Since 2013, Europe have been on top of the happiness register and Denmark was ranked the world’s happiest country in the 2016 UN’S Report on Happiness. They may experience depression during winter seasons and have the highest taxes but they still keep enjoying quality life. Anyone who is in need of happiness can therefore visit Denmark to experience this emotional aspect.

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