6 Simple Ways to Feel Healthier and More Energized from Today On!

November 28, 2018 No Comment

The hard part of making changes to live healthier, is that it takes a while to start seeing the “wow” results start happening. But there are some good things you can do for yourself that you can feel “wow” about right now. Let’s face it, unless we can feel like something is starting to happen, our minds don’t fully register it. Start a landslide of healthy habits in one day. Here are some simple, but doable things that really work:

1. Go through the pantry and throw out as many unhealthy foods as possible

As you go through your pantry and decide what to throw out, read the labels on the packages. You may be very surprised to see what you have been putting in your body. Befriend your own body! Pay attention to the servings per container. It may shock you to know that you have been eating up to three times as many calories as you thought because you were not aware that the package was meant to feed three.

2. Buy the most colorful fruit in season and eat it for a snack.

The next time hunger comes knocking, feed it with something beautiful and colourful, like an apple. Be ready, to not feel, like eating an apple, if you would normally eat junk food for a snack, not superfoods. Eating habits are like other habits, they take time to change. But once you start eating the apple you will realize how satisfying it can be, and you will not miss the sugar crash or bloat that comes with junk food. Blueberries improve the blood circulation in the genital region, so they can help you to last longer in bed naturally.

3. Drink 64 oz of water or more throughout the day.

If a soda or a cup of coffee is what you usually have perched on your desk, or in your car, you are probably dehydrated. Dehydration can feel like hunger. It can also cause tiredness or a feeling of being worn out. Once the body is replenished with the water it needs it wakes up and feels alive again.

4. Use the bed as a surface to stretch all the muscles in your body.

The mattress on your bed is flexible, unlike the ground, and it makes it possible to stretch some muscles that were too hard to stretch on other surfaces. It may not provide the most challenging stretch, but it is a place to start, and it feels good.

5. Go to the mirror and smile at yourself at least every two hours.

Your face always has an expression, unless you have surgically altered it’s ability to do so. Your facial expression is usually a dead give away to how you are feeling, or what you are thinking. Be aware of these things by grabbing, or going to a mirror. If you don’t like what you see, just smile. Even if you don’t feel like it, smiling can change your mood, and maybe if you do it enough, your face will stay that way, which is also attractive!

6. Set aside fifteen to thirty minutes for an afternoon nap. 

There comes a time in everybody ‘s day when metabolism slows and mental sharpness becomes dull. The feeling of being so drowsy that you pray you don’t have a meeting to go to, and fantasize about going to bed, just to sleep. If it is remotely possible, take a nap. Even ten minutes will feel refreshing. Just make sure not to exceed thirty minutes or it could cause even more drowsiness. Change the sheets on the bed. Everybody’s been told to sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite. It is a fact that freshly changed bed sheets are more comfortable, and can cause sweet-smelling dreams.

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