6 Ways to Experience the Barbados Culture

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Locating the perfect destination for your holidays or short break from reality can sometimes be overly stressful and complicated. We think too much about the costs, the location, transport and a host of other factors. This can make the goal of holiday seeking almost seem not worth it. Thankfully though once we arrive at our destination all of these worries are usually forgotten about. One destination which will surely allow you to forget these worries is the Caribbean. With rentals in barbados, crystal clear waters and cruise ships to take your fancy, it would be impossible to not relax.

There are a host of reasons to visit Barbados, many you will probably already know, but some you might not know; therefore, we have compiled this list to give you that extra bit of insight and motivation to plan your next trip.

Explore the underwater oasis:

Being an island paradise located in some of the warmest and clearest waters in the world there are a host of opportunities to discover the aquatic wildlife of Barbados. Diving companies can take you out to some of the best dive and snorkelling sites and for the more adventurous there is even the opportunity to ride in a submarine, manned by a professional and knowledgeable crew. If you are lucky enough some turtles may pass by the beach while you are taking a dip. Wherever you go you will be sure to discover some amazing wildlife.

Discover the caves of Barbados:

If you have gotten enough of being under the water, then maybe the next stop should be underground. Barbados has two important and popular cave systems which are frequented by visitors to the island.

The animal flower cave offers a dramatic and picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean from the northern tip of the island. Explore the cave and watch as the waves crash against the rocky north of the island.

Harrisons cave offers different trips within the cave to see its depths, the life which exists in the cave and its differing eco-system buried underneath Barbados. This is definitely a great way to explore areas not so well known on the island.

Explore the Jungles and gardens:

Barbados has a tropical climate making it an ideal place to go and explore the jungles and well-maintained gardens of some of the residents. Just north of Bridgetown are some great places to go for a hike, bird and monkey watch and to take a break from the beaches. Hunte’s garden is another great place to see how a local horticulturist has used the tropical climate to grow some beautiful garden paths. The perfect location for a picnic or to take a stroll in the late afternoon, just expect to spend longer than planned as you enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Enjoy the local cuisine:

Famous both for its seafood and its rum, Barbados has a lot to offer anyone who wishes to test their taste buds. Beverages can be found all over the island, but to get a grasp of the history of rums importance to the island you should visit one of the still functioning distilleries. Here you can taste some of the freshest rum, see the brewing process and learn about history and importance of this industry to the island.

Almost every market and restaurant will have fresh seafood, but to find the best ask a local where they go and recommend, they will know the best spots in town. Fish bites and Mahi-Mahi are particularly popular.

Find the right beach for you:

With the North coast being a little too rough for the average swimmer you are left with three options to enjoy your time on Barbados. Most of the more chilled and relaxing beaches are to be found on the west coast, these beaches are ideal for taking a swim, snorkelling and soaking up the sun. Water activities such as surfing, and wakeboarding are particularly popular in the east and south. It’s recommended that you have a good level of experience and swimming ability as the Atlantic Ocean can be strong in parts and change rapidly.

Take a walk or drive along your chosen destination with a picnic and you can enjoy the coast at your leisure.

Soak up some history and culture:

There are numerous ways to check out some of the colourful and exciting culture and history of Barbados. You may be lucky enough to stumble across one of the many annual celebrations held on the island such as the Holetown or crop festival in which language, culture cuisine and history are all fused together to make it a unique Barbados experience. Better yet, plan your trip around one of these events to ensure you will be there.

Otherwise, you can check out the many museums and places of interest around the island to better understand the fusion of African, Irish and British influence on the island and its history.

As you can see Barbados has everything an island paradise is supposed to offer and so much more. This is just a taste of the many activities that you can get up to once you are here. If you have the time you should sample each of these areas even for a short time thus enjoying a perfect blend of the island. If you are still struggling to make the perfect itinerary, then as always ask a local and they will be able to give you the information that you need.

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