7 High-Performance Coffees for Your Med School Survival Kit

7 High-Performance Coffees For Your Med School Survival Kit

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College is hard. Med school is insane. Staying up for late-night study cram sessions, keeping up with heavy homework loads, and juggling classes with part-time jobs and internships wears a student down pretty quickly. But having a good cup of coffee as your sidekick can really help you power through. Here are some amazingly strong, delicious brews guaranteed to keep you going.

Biohazard Ground Coffee

Biohazard is supposedly called the World’s Strongest Coffee, as it has a whopping 928mg of caffeine for every 12 brewed ounces. The label even says it guarantees insomnia, warning potential consumers of its sky-high caffeine content. The coffee is made up of Robusta beans, which are carefully selected and then roasted to give the student the strongest coffee possible without sacrificing aroma or flavor. It’s a dark roast that helps keep one up and going nonstop for those all-nighter study sessions. Those who have tried this blend say that it made them feel temporarily invincible!

Valhalla Java by Death Wish

This pre-ground coffee harnesses the power Odin himself in every cup. The beans are dark roasted, Fair Trade, and USDA-certified organic. The coffee is dedicated to (and inspired by) the guitar god, Zakk Wylde. It has 660mg of caffeine per cup — three HUNDRED times the amount found in ordinary coffee.

RAU Cold Brew Mocha

For those who are interested in a Paleo-friendly cold brew, Rau is a clear winner. It’s made in small batches, and both the coffee and cacao beans are organically sourced and sustainably farmed. It is brewed for over eighteen hours, creating a full flavor without dairy, gluten, or anything else that might make a vegan or vegetarian student worry. Aside from a caffeine boost, Rau has 3g of protein and 2g of dietary fiber, plus calcium and iron. The Himalayan pink salt and monk fruit natural additives create a decadent, full-bodied blend that is sure to keep a busy med school student awake.

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Double Shot

This drink is for those who don’t want to worry about standing in line at a coffee shop. Each double shot has about 130-150mg of natural caffeine. There are no additives included, not even preservatives, sweeteners, artificial flavorings, or even calories. It’s USDA certified organic, and the PET bottle is reusable, small, and can easily fit in one’s pocket for convenience.

Banned Coffee

Banned Coffee boasts a smooth yet bold flavor that is neither bitter nor acid — and common turn-off for coffee connoisseurs. The bright notes in the coffee are a complementary blend of chocolate, berries, and carefully selected beans. Arabica and Robusta beans are combined to create a blend that is eco-friendly, with natural antioxidants to help perk one’s brain up to a few extra levels. It has three times the amount of caffeine found in most energy drinks; a reviewer compared the coffee to a surprisingly pleasant slap in the face — exactly what you need to get through those nursing certifications.  

Strong AF: Rude Awakening Coffee

Once that first sip passes your lips, you are out of excuses not to tackle homework deadlines and student to-do lists! The beans are roasted intense and dark, with up to triple the usual caffeine per serving. The beans are grown on select farms in Vietnam, and in cases you’re worried — the beans are also grown without any pesticides. One reviewer mentioned that there’s a distinctive taste that comes from Vietnamese beans, and that this particular dark blend simply knocks other strong coffees out of the park.

Study Fuel Coffee

This coffee is for those who have Keurig and prefer something that can easily be popped into a machine for instant coffee. It’s a medium roast with twice the caffeine. It’s composed of 100% Arabica coffee, and it’s also considered Kosher pareve. These forty-two counts back to a one-year manufacturer’s warranty sells for a little under thirty dollars and is guaranteed to keep one awake for those cram sessions.

Whether you prefer cold brew, stick-in-your-backpack convenience, or something for your coffee pot, we’ve got you covered. Now go get that A!

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