Children's Dublin: TOP Interests For Children and Whole Family

Children’s Dublin: TOP Interests For Children and Whole Family

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You should know that Dublin can be interesting not only for adults but also for kids. You can spend your day in the parks, museums, kids’ excursion tours, the largest zoo, cafes and amusement parks. The first point of your family trip is Dublin. This is the fair city where you should hire a car Dublin airport and go in search of attractions. And a fine city it is! Of course, the city center is compact and easy-to get on foot. This is mostly historical place, so your kids want to go far. will help to avoid transport problems and make your Dublin car travel more than comfortable. Read some tips before.

Family-Friendly Dublin Tips

  1. Where to stay: It is not an easy thing to find a good and cheap place to stay with your family. Pay attention to the Castle Hotel. It is budget and very comfortable place with cozy furniture and spacy room. The breakfast is included. The place is quiet but not far from the noisy city center.
  2. Where to eat: Try to find a hotel with breakfast included. What about dinner? Pay attention to the KC Peaches location. The food is fresh and the prices are not high. Your Dublin trip with kids makes you often stop to find a place for lunch or snacks. They are Murphy’s Ice Cream with the wide choice of baked sweets and Caramelized Brown Bread with caramel favorites.
  3. How to save money: Of course, the easiest way to save money is buying an excursion tour. Nevertheless, your kids are not enough to visit popular excursion places only. Just try to plan your own Dublin car trip to make it really interesting.


Exploring Dublin With Kids

Phoenix Park

This exciting place is located in the park. The park offers an interesting exhibition on the history of this and surrounding area. You can learn the wild life, gardens, visit playground and cafes. There is one more popular attraction – Dublin Zoo. It can be a new favorite place to visit for your kids!


Remember this name. This is a children’s theatre and exhibition space. The place is full of music, performances, dances, workshops and exhibitions zone. The most of interesting projects and kids’ festivals came from here.

Viking Splash Tours

Viking Splash Tours

Viking Splash Tours speaks for itself. The tour includes in travelling around the city territory using the World War II amphibious vehicle. You can meet such attractions as Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the go, following the way of Vikings.

Dublin Children’s Museum

Modern museums are absolutely different from the old museums where people come only to see and learn. Kids like touching and practicing. There are three floors for all ages. You can see a puppet room, library, art section, studios. This is unique space where the whole family can spend a day with pleasure. Obviously, the place is very popular for all visitors, locals and tourists. That is why it is better to book a workshop beforehand.

children's museum play date

National Concert Hall

If you think that the concert hall is not an interesting place for your kids, you are wrong. There are many workshops that welcome kids of different ages to act, improvise, create a new story, play musical instruments and sing. The Concert Hall also holds special family concerts accompanied by the living music, popular local orchestra.


Learning history is very interesting. You can learn history of different periods, including Dublin’s Medieval period. This place takes your back to Viking times. You can hear the myths, stories and architecture samples. The brightest example of that period architecture is the Christ Church Cathedral. This is the oldest cathedral in the city. Your final destination is visiting the large crypt. The place is glorious and atmospheric.

French Macarons

Chocolate Warehouse

Finally, you should visit a place to have fun at. Of course, the best place for all kids is somewhere where they can eat sweets. The Chocolate Warehouse is specially created to combine fun and pleasure. You can learn everything about the history of chocolate, traditional sweets for holidays, birthday parties. The workshops run regularly to give you an opportunity to do something sweet for your birthday. Usually, the workshop starts with the film about the chocolate history. You’ll learn much about the origins of cocoa beans and chocolate making. You have a chance to meet special machines that are used for making chocolate. Also, you are offered to learn about the work of chocolate factory, decorating fresh chocolates.

Ireland is very popular destination for travelling. Make your Dublin trip interesting! The city is not big, so, you feel cozy and will find a plenty of enjoyments. Of course, you can take a tour and spend your day in a bus, visiting city attractions. It can be boring for kids. So, try to hire a car and plan your trip in your own way.

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