A Comprehensive Guide To Get Rid of Fleas

A Comprehensive Guide To Get Rid of Fleas

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Do your pets have fleas?

What if you suddenly find some traces of fleas on your pets? This is probably one of the most dreaded things you’ve ever had in life! Don’t worry since it might sound worse than it is. Today, we’re going to introduce you a comprehensive guide to get rid of fleas and ensure that they won’t ever come back again.

And please notice that this flea issue could transform into an emergency situation if you don’t take action in time. Try to pay attention to whenever your pets appear scratching more than normal because this could be a sign that they’re bothered by fleas.

Before learning what works for removing fleas, let’s find out why it’s so hard to get rid of them!

Why does it feel hard to kill fleas?

First of all, fleas are known to be very persistent, so whenever thinking how to kill them, you need to start the treatment at their different life stages on your pets and the environment. If not, they will come back several times no matter how many attempts you make or use the flea foggers.

A Comprehensive Guide To Get Rid of Fleas

When it comes to dogs, feel free to use the flea shampoos and other relevant medication. But you must concern about your house, too, since there will be some eggs or larvae lying on the carpet and once they hatch, you’ll soon spot them on your pets.

And once learning the life cycle of the fleas, it’s much easier for you to create a suitable treatment plan for your own. For example, instead of concentrating on the fleas you can see with eyes, make sure to destroy eggs only.

Mouse and Flea Problems Fit Perfectly Together

A Comprehensive Guide To Get Rid of Fleas

Aside from fleas, a lot of people complaint about another associated issue – mice. If there’s even only one mouse in your house, you will have one good carrier of fleas. In other words, they fit perfectly together since when mice get inside your home, then the fleas will, too.

Therefore, if you decide to deal with any mouse or flea separately, it could be more challenging to do that. The best way to fix these two pest issues is to add them together and make them only one serious problem on hands. When the horrible fleas start to lay eggs all over the house, which means that mice can also multiply.

How to get rid of mice and fleas?

We know that you hate this, especially when there are a bunch of ugly and hairy beasts running all over your house. Let’s begin with the rodents first:

Eliminate Rodents

Rodents can carry the harmful bacteria and even fleas into your house, so today we’ll teach you how to eliminate all of them fast and effectively. Think of using a pest-control to use, such as the mouse poison or a mouse trap. You only do this way if finding the infestation quite intense.

For mouse poison, it’s usually made from the top-grade ingredients and exclusively created to mimic your food. Therefore, any of your pet could eat it anytime, so our suggestion here is to ask an exterminator for help. Look! We’ve shown you a few steps to diminish those ugly rodents:

  1. Do not ever leave bananas or foods sitting on your countertop
  2. Trap the rodents all round your homes, and seal away garbage
  3. Put the traps outside the house to prevent them from invading your house
  4. Raise some smart predators, such as cats, dogs, and other pets
  5. Get yourself the ultrasonic-sounding devices since they emit a high-pitched sound that just keeps them away

Eliminate Fleas

A Comprehensive Guide To Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas will infest the entirety of your house, which might affect how you remove them as well. To know exactly what kind of problem is like, use a water pan and pour a bit of dish detergent to it below one light bulb. Those annoying fleas jump toward the light and fall into the detergent before dying.

  1. Maintain fleas from striking your pet, and far from it, this is considered one of the simplest solutions to manage flea population
  2. Use flea foggers for your garage or basement (visit this website for more details).
  3. Have some flea sprays, and use them in infecting area you like. But this product feels a bit dangerous to your pets, so it comes worst, if you use it too much

Furthermore, fleas can bite humans when they’ve got a chance, so if you want to avoid the flea infestations, prevention is the key! Always keep your house as clean as possible by vacuuming the floors and keeping the pets healthy by grooming them. Another great way to get rid of fleas is to use the fine-grained salt to attach to the flea.

After 7 – 10 days, have the salted area vacuumed thoroughly and ensure to choose all the salted carcasses from the area later.


Fleas live by feeding other animals’ blood, so no wonder why they always bring the huge suffering to your furry pets. Through our comprehensive guide to get rid of fleas, you’re given some useful tips on how to kill them fast, and more importantly – most of them are based on the recent scientific research.

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