Cutting the Stress When you Move House

March 27, 2018 No Comment

The truism that moving house is the third most stressful life event you can go through has in fact been debunked by scientists studying stress. However, just because moving isn’t as stressful as a bereavement, it doesn’t mean it can’t cost you sleep and leave you feeling like you need a holiday.

Today we’re looking at a few different ways you can cut the stress out of a house move, so you can get straight on with enjoying your new home.

Find the Right Storage Company

People have been using storage to provide a buffer when they move house for a long time: it takes the burden off moving day, and lets you spread out shifting heavy, awkward furniture until you’re really ready for it. It also means you can’t be pressured by estate agents and deadlines: with all your possessions in storage you’re free to stay with friends, for example, while you find the perfect home, rather than have to compromise because you’re worried about ending up homeless.

There’s another level to your search for the right company. Some of them offer valuable extras that really come into their own when you’re moving house. You need someone like byStored, London storage companies that offer collection and delivery as part of their service. This turns your storage company into a removals firm – with the benefit of not having to claim your property back until you’re ready for it. You can move the minimum necessary things you need on the first day and only schedule the return of the rest when you’re really for it, cutting the stress out of moving day and saving money on a ‘two for one’ service in one fell swoop.

Use a Cleaner

Anyone who’s rented a flat, or even just a room will be ruefully familiar with the desperate deep clean done on the final day in the closing minutes before you have to hand over your key. There’s no point starting any earlier as the disturbance of moving will only create more mess, so you’re only opportunity to clean properly is after you’ve moved your things out, and you know that if you don’t do a good enough job, your deposit is at risk – the amount deducted for a clean is always the maximum it could possibly be, so unless you know you’re going to have time on the day of your move to get your house sparkling, think about doing some research and hiring a cleaner.

This not only saves stress, it can save you money lost on your deposit and means when you’re done moving, you don’t have to give your old home a second thought.

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