Decoding the requirements to maintain a good health for women

October 3, 2018 No Comment

Health is the most important thing which we need to give utmost priority to. WIth a good health comes happiness and wealth. But if look at the current trends, a good health seems to be very costly compared to a bad one. The reason for this is consumerism. Everything around us has become very subjective and business oriented. You need to pay a lot of money for eating good food. Hence staying healthy has become very costly. Obesity is on the rise like never before. There are a lot of things which goes wrong when it comes to the lifestyle of an individual.

During one of my visit to a gynecologist clinic in Gurgaon, I was made to take a lifestyle assessment test. This test is all about finding out your eating, sleeping and drinking habits. It is a quiz to identify your day to day life. Once the test is done, I was asked to sit for sometime before I meet the doctor. Finally, I had the meeting with the doctor. She was not surprised by the results of my test, but I was. The results were in dark red stating I was in the danger zone as of my lifestyle is considered. I sleep for 8 hours a day and eat 3 times meal a day. So what could possibly go wrong? The time of sleeping and eating was all messed up. I spend most of my sleep in the daytime rather than the night time. And most of my food consumption was late in the night and that too was the food items which cannot be digested easily. I was still slim but had a tummy though. After my discussion with the doctor, I understood a lot of things.

Our body is not like us. You need to provide it a few things when it needs and not when you feel like. This is a crucial thing which should not overrule. You can even ask the best gynecologist in Chandigarh or any other city you belong to and even they will agree with this. There is a time slot for everything in life. You need to split your time schedule and do all that is necessary to lead a happy and healthy life. Women have started to feel weaker by their late 30s and the reasons for this the kind of lifestyle we all have adopted. Drinking and smoking have become so common that it is practically impossible to weed it out from our society.


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