Do You Have A Medical Emergency Plan In Place?

Do You Have A Medical Emergency Plan In Place?

May 9, 2018 No Comment

Although you want to avoid a medical emergency at all costs, odds are you will have to deal with one or more in your life.

That said it is important to have a medical emergency plan in place.

Such a plan can make your emergency less stressful. It can also mean you end up at the right place at the right time to get the treatment you need.

So, is it time to put such a plan into place?

Know Where You’d Prefer to Go

As a key part of your medical emergency plan, you’d want to have the right emergency center in mind. Knowing where you’d prefer to go can ease some of your anxiety if the time comes.

With that in mind, look around now when healthy to which centers and hospitals could best treat you. Doing this gives you some options to choose from.

Once you Find one you think would Best Treat you, you should Put it in Writing.

If you have an emergency and can’t speak for you, at least family or friends know your preference on where you’d want to go. Keep in mind that you may well end up without your first choice. This can be if it comes down to getting you to the nearest facility in a life-threatening situation.

That said here are some Keys to Finding the Right Emergency Center for you:

  1. Wait Times – Although emergencies vary, check er wait times. This way you can see how they average at facilities nearby. In doing this, you can get a better idea of which facilities pass the test and those which are not up to the job.
  2. Medical Staff – As important as wait times are, don’t overlook medical staff. Your goal should always be to find the facility that has top-notch medical personnel. Doctors, nurses, support staff and more all matter at the end of the day.
  3. Patient Feedback – Look at feedback patients have given facilities around you. Although some feedback will not be worth much, some could prove quite valuable. That feedback can oftentimes be in online forums and on social media sites.
  4. Your Needs – Last, even if you have an emergency center or hospital you’d prefer to go to, don’t fight it if the time comes. When you are having an emergency, getting the right care in an expedient manner is most important. While you can write down the place you’d have a preference for, go if needed where time is not an issue for treatment.

Although medical emergencies can come out of nowhere, you can’t sit and worry about such things 24/7.

With that in mind, go about each day in the most productive manner possible. Throw in a positive attitude to boot.

When you do both of those things, you will lessen the chances of your health taking a turn for the worse.

A turn that could in fact lead to a medical emergency.

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