Eco-friendly Tips To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Home

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The biophilic style is really trendy this year and if you are interested to level up your house design, moving to an eco-friendly ambiance is the real deal you should take! It is not a platonic way of sprucing up your house, it actually freshens the ambiance and shrugs off negative vibes hanging around the corner.

There is unique flair green living would give you. Its fresh and lively look pave the way to the natural phenomena of placing the miraculous outdoor on your footstep. It would be a big change but somehow it will compromise your need to burn out the stress you don’t want to get. Get this chill vibe by doing a wholesome makeover to your lovely home without sacrificing your health from the toxics construction supplies bring.

If you’re really interested to convert your house to an eco-friendly one, this is your chance to take down notes you would need to make it happen. Green perspective for green living is on demand, you’re not the only one who’s getting skeptical to do it so, together with some interior design experts – we compiled an easy-to-follow guide for your upcoming checklist on this big venture.

Eco-friendly Tips To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Home

Choose Sustainable Materials

You have the autonomy to choose from materials certified by The Greenguard Environment Institute, Cradle to Cradle, or the Forest Stewardship Council. They tested the materials for any hazardous impact that could affect the environment. You’ll be assured that the materials have all undergone qualified procedures just to claim the certification that validates their worth to be used.

But if you want to save more to expound every buck you will spend for the renovation, these are the compliments you would consider choosing instead:

  • Linoleum instead of vinyl

Based on a green research, it was justified that vinyl is the most hazardous plastic created for mankind. Its component could actually kill someone slowly because of the chronic health issues one could acquire from it. So instead of killing your loved ones out just to make your house lovelier, use a linoleum made from linseed oil to ensure everybody’s health condition and aesthetic needs.

  • Low or non-VOC paints

Volatile Organic Compounds are present in regular paints that should’ve added color in your life and not dull your lifespan! Check the labels carefully and if possible, buy no-VOC paints to ensure that no one from your loved ones gets any respiratory ailment or worse disease. It’s more budget-friendly to prevent sickness rather than choosing cheap items that will cost you big time.

  • Bamboo, cork, or reclaimed wood instead of a carpet of hardwood

Most carpets produce VOC, which we are really avoiding prior to this category. Using bamboo or anything similar is a better replacement, aside from being less expensive it is also recyclable and biodegradable. It changes color as time passes by but it’s very easy to find and very handy to replace so there won’t be a problem with this one.

Eco-friendly Tips To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Home

Hire Green-Savvy Professionals

They claimed their credibility by profession and experience, so there’s no reason why you should not hire a green contractor. These professionals would not guide you on things you do not need instead they’ll listen to your ideas and perspective to your own house and help you which insights you needed to check before buying certain products for your home.

Remember that these people have outstanding national certification and it could be one of the following: Green Certified Professional, LEED Professional Credentials, or Green Advantage Certified Practitioner.

Eco-friendly Tips To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Home

Be Mindful of Your Home’s Exterior

Save energy by utilizing parts of your house! Plant in eye-warming trees on the west side of your house to regulate the cool wind flow in the winter and warm air in the summer. It helps to balance the right temperature you would want to have to your house.

It would be better if your plants are placed under the gutter beneath the roof to provide natural water irrigation that helps you to be worry-free. You can also take the chance of mounting rainwater tanks and solar panels for the best permanent solution you can give out to your house, although it is really costly compared to the normal one, you will never worry for your future if there will be scarce in energy and power. It’s also nice to paint your house exterior and interior with a warm color to make your home feel warmer so you could avoid using appliances that could have impact our environment.

Consider the positive effects that you will get if you will follow this, there would be a smaller chance of you getting stressed out because of the appealing substance you bought but would end up destroying you and your home itself.

Eco-friendly Tips To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Home

Consider the Interior Design

Be the eco-friendly designer in this world full of environment-destroyer decoration. Defy the norm with your non-traditional makeover without sacrificing eye-pleasing view to your house. You can recycle and paint old wood furniture instead of buying new ones, it makes you an environment enthusiast and saves you money at the same time. A green perspective will achieve your one-of-a-kind goal. It is way better to compensate your ideas with recyclable and real eco-friendly materials that looks better with creative imagination and innovative style. It might sound ironic that your house was originally made from not environmental friendly stuff but that doesn’t mean that it’s already too late to change things moving forward.

Renovation does really cost us a lot but going green would make you think twice. You will experience that this stereotype thinking is really not true since the materials came from demolished buildings and houses that are still good as new to use, certifications are also implied to give you an assurance. Deliberately, it’s really lame to have nature inside your house since it has been and will always be your home, but to tell you honestly you wouldn’t be bored out designing and choosing harmless household stuff that would still meet the aesthetic goal you were wishing for a long time.

It is already given that renovating your house in an eco-friendly manner is really helpful in our environment but what made it better is your will to experience it yourself. Inspire the people around you to go green and we’ll make the world considerably great again.

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    Nice article, I really love it.

    I would also like to add to the interior design tips. You can easily incorporate custom mirrors like these
    They will reflect the light throughout the house and you can save so much money and energy on lights. Plus, they look nice and are made of natural materials. 🙂

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