Facts You Need to be Aware About ACL Reconstruction

Facts You Need to be Aware About ACL Reconstruction

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ACL is one of the most critical components of the knee that does keep it stable. It joins the tibia and the femur bones to each other. If you happen to over strengthen your knee or bend as well as twist it the chances of an injury to ACL might occur. It has been observed that women are more prone to this type of injury as well.

In fact, this form of surgery is only suggested when the ACL happens to be severely impaired. At this juncture, the conservative treatments would not serve any purpose as well.  This does happen to arise when the ACL proves to be torn. It is rated to be a safe form of procedure where the surgeon goes on to incorporate a few small incisions. This is undertaken with an arthroscopic and a few surgical instruments. When this disorder takes place with other issues like PCL tear, then you have no other option apart from a surgery.

When the surgery goes on to take place the surgeon removes the torn ACL and then you go on to replace it with a new tissue. This part is taken from the patient itself. Then the surgeon goes on to check the strength of the graft so that it goes on to hold the knee together as well.  When you move or twist the knee the graft needs to remain stable as well. Then you will find that the incisions are being stitched up as well. Then the patient proceeds to the hospital ward for a further round of recovery as well. Then the surgeon would go on to provide an ice water bandage so as to reduce the inflammation. For a speedy and detailed recovery, the therapist goes on to create an in-depth plan. This would ensure that the patient returns to normal life quickly. At the same time, the patient needs to follow it in a proper manner as well.

As part of the program, exercises may be suggested to work on the improved knee. This would strengthen the knee muscles and at the same time improve the ability of the knees to function as well. In the meantime, you can take solace in the fact that the operated knee is going to be stiff for a few weeks.

When the patients are resting they need to raise legs in a raised up position. For a couple of weeks after the surgery, the patient may need to move around with crutches as well. The time frame when you are going to return back to work would be dependant on the type of work you are having in the first place. In case if it works out to be a desk job you can expect a couple of weeks. When it happens to be an office job it would be taking around 6 weeks as well.

As far as the ACL reconstruction cost in India is concerned, it stands to be among the lowest in the world.

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