Get Better Sleep By Installing Vintage Light Bulbs In Your Bedroom – Know The Effect

Get Better Sleep By Installing Vintage Light Bulbs In Your Bedroom – Know The Effect

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Do you think you feel lot better when you expose yourself to light? Do you think that exposing yourself to soothing light can improve your disease resistance power and make you steadier during the day only to let you get a sound sleep at night? Definitely you do! We rarely acknowledge the fact that light plays a rather crucial role in letting your body function in an optimum way and produce the best amount of essential hormone which is called melatonin.

Apart from sleep, nutrition, lifestyle habits and exercise are also vital ingredients which are required for maintaining your health and rejuvenating your cells. But experts say that if you can make changes to the way you expose yourself to light by installing candle bulbs, this could help you feel better, sleep better and also diminish the risks of developing few diseases.

Throwing Light on this Subject

Majority of us are still in the dark as long as the benefits of lighting in our rooms. Scientists have repeatedly said that light has got a major impact on the health of humans. It is also true that light rules our body and there are different wavelengths of light which have an impact on us at different times of the day.

Have you heard of seasonal affective disorder or SAD? This is something that fits into the condition in a proper manner. There are many who suffer from depression during the winter season due to not enough sunlight. However, the way in which light affects us, mentally, physically and emotionally is more complicated than just cheering our mood and eliminating all the gloom from our life.

Just as the way in which processed foods have interfered with the assimilation of vital nutrients, similarly the birth of artificial light in our daily environment has gives us consequences like a disrupted light cycle which refers to biological need for alternate periods of darkness and light. The unnatural ways in which we bring forth light to our lives and the consequential alterations in the sleep patterns have taken a toll. You will rather be surprised to note that Thomas Edison, who was the man behind inventing such incandescent bulbs and who made it a commercial commodity was someone who thought sleep is nothing but a waste of time.

Melatonin is a hormone which is produced by pineal gland and which is located near the center part of the brain. This hormone is extremely light-sensitive which means that it can be turned off or on due to the high degree of presence and absence of light. During darkness, dim light stimulates the production of melatonin and this results to drowsiness which lets you sleep. However, bright light like artificial light or sunlight increases the flow of this substance which induces sleep and makes you increasingly alert.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of changing the lights in your room so as to get better sleep, you can take into account the above mentioned facts on incandescent vintage lights and bulbs.

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