Getting Ready for the Office Party

November 22, 2018 No Comment

In the winter there are a few inevitable things – cards, shopping for presents, and the office party. Of all these, by far the most dramatic is the Office party. For some it’s a chance to relax after a year of hard work, and enjoy a few drinks with their colleagues. For others it’s a chance to impress some managers and start the new year with a boosted reputation. For more, it’s a chance to let a little loose and deal with the pent up frustrations of a year trapped in an office, and that’s where we get stories involving the misuse of stationery cupboards and photocopiers.

Whatever the office party means to you, you’re going to want to feel confident and show your best face to the world, so today we’re looking at how to get ready, starting now!

A Trip to the Beauty Clinic

If you’ve got the time in hand, then this is an ideal opportunity to book into a local clinic or aestheticians and allow the experts to pamper, prepare and tackle any issues you’ve been waiting for an excuse to deal with!

A professionally applied moisturising facial can give you the foundation you need to face the harsh weather of winter and make sure your skin is looking full and healthy. The cold weather outdoors and overactive radiators conspire to dry your skin out so making sure you’re staying hydrated will do your face a favour!

You can find skin clinics right across the country so if you’re looking for Laser Hair Removal, Esher, Wimbledon and Reading can all oblige as well as central London. Whether you need to make an appointment for a weekend or an evening off, or pop out in your lunch hour, you’ll be able to make something work, and ensure you’re feeling your best.


The Office Party nightmare is waking up in the morning and realising you don’t have anything to wear. It’s a complex social occasion – mixing the formality of work with the fashion of a party, and you should think carefully about your outfit to make sure you’re going to feel comfortable and show off your best possible self.

Work with the dress code for the occasion if one is stated, and if not a few subtle conversations around the office will help you take the temperature of the event and pick an outfit that fits perfectly what you want to achieve: a little more formal if you’re hoping to use the party as an opportunity for some networking, less so if you’re just planning to enjoy the fun.

With a plan in place for outfit, and appointments booked for laser treatment and facials, you’ll able to relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re ready for the office party.

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