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Did you know? Heat isn’t the only non-invasive way to get rid of fat!

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The way our bodies are molded around fat is coded in our genes. We have the tendencies to bloat or gain weight according to our metabolisms. There are plenty of ways to reduce weight or body fat. Many people may opt for various exercises or different diet plans to help them burn off their body fat. There are different techniques or regimes to focus on losing body fat but it also at the same time depends upon where and how the fat is being stored in our bodies. Our body fat becomes embarrassing for us at times and we instantly look for ways to reduce it but little do we know that using heat technology isn’t the only way to get rid of that excess fat. Most of us experience body shaming even if not by anyone else, by ourselves at the very least.

  • UltraShape

This is a new method of removing fat. It does not involve heating or cooling the fat. It uses ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer. It basically shakes the fat membranes to the point where they collapse and the remains of the dissolved fat cells are eventually processed by the body via the liver. It does not harm any tissues or blood vessels. It is painless because there is no heat applied to the fat. People who go through this procedure, notice results within 2 weeks! Since it is painless, there is no need to wait for recovery. It is a simple and safe way to remove fat.

  • Kybella

This is a procedure does not involve heat. It involves injections which are mostly to remove fat underneath the chin. Patients might need up to 50 injections (yes 50!) before they see any results. It was used only for the chin but, now it can be used in some other parts of the body such as, knees and arms. Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which occurs naturally in the body and absorbs fat. But it needs to be injected properly since it destroys not just the fat but, the cell envelope containing the fat. If it is injected improperly, say into the skin, it can cause skin ulceration.

  • Cool Sculpting

CoolSculpting Richmond is a new method that has proven to give remarkable results without using any heat to reduce body fat. It is an FDA approved fat reduction treatment to minus out the excess fat in a painless manner. It helps to remove the fat in areas that are most visible but also the easiest to remove. This treatment involves first a sitting with the consultant, where the consultants will discuss with you your major fat loss challenges and the goals that you have set for yourself in order to reduce weight. This treatment, of course, is done in all confidentiality because cool sculpting wants their patients to be comfortable with their consultants and their treatments that have been set up for them. Then these consultants form a treatment plan for you which will entail all the treatments that would work effectively in transforming your body to your desired body.

No more love handles and fat in places where you don’t want it to be seen. Cool sculpting will help your body get into the shape you desire. This treatment is done without any hassle and scars that are usually linked to the heat based fat reducing treatments. It is safe and noninvasive and allows the patient to resume their activities immediately without having to take a long time to recover. After this treatment is done, it requires very little to no recovery time and you can easily resume your activities as soon as your session is finished. The benefit of cool sculpting is also the fact that it is inherently safe and has been chosen by millions of people across the world due to its non-invasive nature of treatment. It also involves the highest quality equipment and qualified doctors that can look into your issues with your body.

  • XAF5 (fat melting cream)

This is a cream which removes fat. It does not mean any fat in the body but bags under the eyes. A lot of us don’t get enough sleep due to our tough schedules. Other than our schedules, technology doesn’t let us sleep. We are always glued to our phones. However, not getting enough sleep gives us dark circles under our eyes and we are left with eye bags. There is a cream that works on getting rid of the fat we develop under our eyes. It is quite effective and works wonders. Maybe in the future, it will become a success on removing fat on other parts of our body!

Always remember that losing fat requires care and time. You must give proper time to it and care for your body for faster results.

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