Honeymoon abroad: how and where?

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A honeymoon trip is not just a vacation, but also the first family journey. Therefore, in memory, the trip remains the most romantic, bright and comfortable. What should be foreseen, what to put in the suitcase and what direction to choose – read below.

  • The situation with the honeymoon is close to the one you have with the wedding. The earlier you begin the preparation, the better you succeed in planning the route and choosing the accommodation options. Of course, there are hot tours, but in the case of a wedding trip – beforehand booking is more preferable. Study the proposals yourself, or consult with tour operators, they will pick up the best offers.
  • It sometimes happens that there is no time or opportunity to go on a long trip, and you still want to spend your honeymoon weekend. Pay attention to the nearby recreation centers, country hotels, cottages. There are many places where the services at the level of European resorts are provided.
  • Is it better to go on a trip right after the wedding, or to wait a few days? Each option has its pros and cons. In the first case, you will be filled with joyful emotions, but to the wedding preparations will be added the process of packing. In the second option, the emotions will subside, but you will not need to hurry anywhere and panic in case you suddenly forget something.
  • In general, the choice of a place for honeymoon and its duration depends only on the wishes of the newlyweds. You can stroll through the narrow streets of Europe, lie carelessly on the beach, or you can relax at the health center. Discuss with your partner in advance what are you waiting for from the honeymoon, you can even write lists. In the first family journey, a compromise is important. Use car rental at 14cars.com and spend this time with double pleasure.
  • Do not become upset, if you cannot go on a honeymoon right after the wedding. Hotels and recreation centers usually have special romantic packages, which include a romantic dinner, fruits and champagne in the room, a visit to the spa complex. Each hotel has its own surprises, which will please couples. Moreover, such a romantic weekend can become a tradition for your family.
  • When booking a room in a hotel, always indicate that you are newlywed. Almost in all hotels, you will be given a special room for couples, as well as a prepared pleasant surprise – a gift, most often in the form of a bottle of wine and a basket of fruits.
  • On a wedding trip, you can once again act out your wedding. Arrange a stylized photo shoot and a romantic dinner. If you go abroad, the agency usually offers special packages, where everything is provided: a place, a photographer and a dinner.
  • Arrangement of a photo session abroad will be a great idea. You will already have some rest after the wedding, you will be happy and calm. Moreover, the pictures will convey all the beauty of the moment. You can think through a thematic photoshoot and realize all the ideas.

What is the most difficult issue for the bride and groom, discussing the honeymoon? Of course, where to go!

You can choose both the familiar countries, and exotic ones. The familiar include Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus. They are the most common and affordable. The exotic ones, such as Morocco, Peru will provide bright impressions. However, the best time to visit all these countries is from May to October. Therefore, thinking about the final destination, it is worth considering not only the cost of travel, preferences and interests of the couple, but also the time of the year. In summer, to combine beach holidays and excursions, an excellent option is European countries, for example, Spain or France.

Early autumn is the optimal time for rest at any European coast. A mild climate will not cause problems for the calm rest. Thanks to the availability of the Schengen visa, it is easy to cross borders. In addition, the European service will leave only the best impressions.

In November, many prefer to go to Israel and enjoy both sightseeing and beach holidays. At the Dead Sea resorts, the water temperature at that time is about +26 degrees C. November is also ideal for visiting the Arab Emirates. A more comfortable temperature will allow you to enjoy camel riding, snow-white beaches, and luxurious oriental bazaars. In addition to November, it is pleasant to have a rest in the UAE in March.

In winter, India, Vietnam, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Brazil are waiting for you. Fans of a secluded romantic holiday should go to the Seychelles or Maldives to lay on a warm beach and soak in the tender water.

For those, who prefer parties and luxury – Miami is a perfect choice from December to May. A sandy beach, a variety of hotels will become an integral part of an excellent holiday.

Impetuous waterfalls of Malaysia will conquer romantically tuned lovers. The season here depends on part of the coast, because this state is divided by the South China Sea into two parts. From February to October, choose its eastern part, from April to May and from October to December – the western one. In the Capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, where there is no sea, it is worthwhile to stay longer, as here you will find amazing contrasting sights: caves and famous twin skyscrapers, mosques and the Chinatown.

Fans of marine entertainment will be attracted by Thailand. Diving, famous massage, fine cuisine, many attractions – you will for sure find what to do there. However, do not forget that from May to October the rainy season lasts here.

It is better not to save on a honeymoon. Of course, you have many plans how to spend money, but your honeymoon trip is the one and only. Give each other the opportunity to spend at least a few days together with your happiness. Emotions are priceless, and after years, you will remember your first family trip with warmth.


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