How Can I Disguise My Home Security?

How Can I Disguise My Home Security?

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Home security is essential, but sometimes it can be pretty unsightly. You want to be safe, but you also want your home to be nice, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on either one of those things. Because of this, security companies have started offering options that allow you to secure your home without appearing like a prison. Another upside to hidden home security is that it can be more effective since criminals can be caught unawares. Here are a few options to help you find the best way to find your security.

Blending In

One of the easiest ways to disguise home security is to have the equipment blend in with other objects around the home. Bookshelves and houseplants are the easiest common household items to have security equipment blend into. There are also cameras that are designed to blend into ceilings, molding, and windows to make it even easier to disguise. You can also take it a step further to disguise home security cameras inside walls, attic and crawl spaces to make the equipment virtually undetectable.

Plain Sight

There isn’t a need for fancy or elaborate setups. You can simply hide your security systems and cameras in plain sight. Everyday objects such as stuffed animals, books, tissue boxes, handbags, gym bags and smoke alarms work well for indoor security camera disguises. For outdoor home security equipment, try objects such as garden gnomes, fake rocks or bird feeders to hide cameras in. Motion-activated cameras are particularly good for these disguises, as they are generally smaller than cameras that are always on.

Camouflaging Skins

While bigger cameras can provide a good view of their location, they can also be unsightly and cumbersome. To avoid having a camera sticking out like a sore thumb, consider using a camouflaging skin. Skins are adhesive stickers specifically cut to wrap around cameras so that they become colored like their surroundings. There are a variety of skins available, suitable for use outdoors, like in a tree or bush or inside, up near the ceiling of the room you place it in.


Wires can be a dead giveaway that security equipment is present and they can be hard to disguise. Try using cameras that are wireless to eliminate the need to hide unruly wires completely. Not only are these systems more attractive, but they can also be more reliable and harder for criminals to disable.

Because of increasing options, you no longer have to sacrifice security for aesthetic or vice versa. Disguising home security is easy, cost-effective and a great way to increase the safety of your household while still maintaining the beautiful look of your home.


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