How Can You Apply For Shriram Finance Personal Loan?

How Can You Apply For Shriram Finance Personal Loan?

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As per name work is also same for Shriram finance personal loan and that fulfills individual’s desire. Through this you can take support for any personal work of yours, it could be anything. You can take home renovation, study, wedding, traveling, spend a holiday with family, and much more reasons are available for you. The bank can understand individual’s wishes, that’s why give you full support.

Sometimes you can feel it’s a burden, but the fact is there is no harm and burden. You can buy a product and make payment as per your convenient. When you are going shopping and choice one dress whose budget is out of your wallet cash, that time you can use Shriram finance personal loan card and purchases your favorite dress and payback in installments.

This bank can provide loan for both existing and new customers. Your loan can sanction maximum Rs 30,00,000 and for a maximum tenure of 3 years.

You can apply for an online and offline both process, after that, get to know the status of the application. Through an online, you can open registered page of the bank. Fill your full name, current-permanent address, upload documents, registered email ID, mobile number and click on submit button.

For an offline, have to visit the nearest bank branch and fill application and documents, then deposit on the bank counter.

What Is The Age Eligibility And KYC For A Personal Loan?

They can divide into two segments a salaried and self-employed. For both of them, age should be between 18 to 59 years. A salaried person employed for a minimum one- year and the self-employed should be for two years. For both, a spotless credit history needs to submit.

For KYC you have to share identity proof, address proof, and income proof with recent passport size photograph. For identity, voter ID, passport, driving license and Aadhaar have to submit. For address Aadhaar, Passport, and electricity bill. For income proof bank statement for last three years, so that the bank can realize your payback credibility.

What Is A Interest Rate For Shriram Finance Personal Loan?

Before you can apply should know Shriram finance personal loan interest rates. You can pay interest rates 11.49% per annum to 23% per annum with up to Rs 30,00,000 amount. Tenure and processing fee is also necessary to get to know, tenure is 12 months to 36 months, and processing fee is 2.50%. It’s an essential part and good to aware of it, so that can understand in a better way and use it.

How Can You Calculate Shriram Finance Personal Loan EMI?

The EMI calculation method is convenient regarding know the exact amount which needs to pay. It’s a tool where you can put few details like amount, tenure, and interest rate then they can collect and tell accurate value. For example, your amount is Rs 2 lakh for three years tenure period, so that’s interest rate would be 11.49% per annum.

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