How Marketing Automation Helps Your Organization

How Marketing Automation Helps Your Organization

December 12, 2018 No Comment

Due to the plethora of technological advancements that have been developed in the past few years, the entire global ecosystem has changed drastically. In today’s age, every business is under constant pressure to produce more results by using less resources. Each business has to allocate their resources in a cost-effective manner that not only saves time but also provides tangible results. It is safe to say that streamlining marketing has become a prerequisite for any business operating in our current digital age.


This applies to every business type, size, and industry. Especially for product based companies that are currently in the growth stage of the business cycle. These companies have to establish their brand identity and effectively market their product or services either through their own resources or outsourcing platforms. Previously, organizations would have to use generic marketing techniques that would provide results in a substantial amount of time. However, now after the advent of marketing automation, businesses can increase leads, drive conversions, increase profits and produce results in real time. Here’s a list of the top four benefits of marketing automation, these benefits exonerate the vast applications of automation:


Dynamic welcome program

One of the most profound methods of engaging with customers and creating a lasting relationship is through welcome programs. If any prospective client purchases a product or signs up for a newsletter, they will immediately receive a welcome email. This email will enlighten the customer about the brand and provide insight regarding the product or services. A simple welcome email can go a very long way for new customers and can help establish a long-lasting relationship between the client and the company.


Coordinated multi-channel campaign automation

Another prominent benefit of investing in marketing automation is the fact that every business has to coordinate their campaigns across multiple campaigns as clients often use various different outlets to purchase products or services. This multi-channel automation will ensure that the company achieves an omnipresent status and will further enhance their respective brand identity.


Enhances customer personalization

Marketing automation is quite versatile in terms of its applications, especially when it comes to enhancing customer personalization. Every client or customer will want personalized services or treatment, no one wants to be distinguished by a number. These services can help a business develop personalized profiles for each of their clients, these holistic profiles will provide them with immaculate insight regarding their target audience. Through a profile, a business can determine which audience they should target and which marketing channel would be the most effective. Furthermore, these profiles will be updated in real time so the business will have accurate data.


Create meticulous retention programs

One of the most detrimental issues that most businesses have to deal with is the retention of previous clients. This can be very difficult for companies that are present in competitive markets, as most customers will always be open to the idea of a new product unless their loyalty is retained effectively. However, this issue can easily be rectified by marketing automation programs such as abandoned cart campaigns and loyalty bonuses. Customers that are satisfied with the quality of a product will definitely choose the same brand if they are provided with certain benefits.


These benefits can be designed according to the available resources but their impact can induce lucrative profits if they are implemented effectively. This is exactly why so many organizations first focus on retaining their current clients before trying to engage with new ones.



Marketing automation is certainly a game changer in today’s digital era. These services can help businesses improve the quality of their services and cement their foothold in the market.

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