How Stronger Muscles Can Affect Weight Loss

How Stronger Muscles Can Affect Weight Loss

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Strong muscles and weight loss is synonymous. However, the connection between the two is often misunderstood. Losing weight at the expense of losing muscle is just not right. Your health deteriorates. Now, why is that so?
When you consume fewer calories as compared to the number you burn every day, this is bound to happen; considering the fact that it is your muscle which is being the scapegoat.

Since muscle mass is the single most important factor which determines your metabolic rate, it is essential you pay attention to it. A body with healthy muscles makes it easier for an individual to hit that weight loss target he has been trying to reach. A higher muscle mass gives strength and shape to your body and the healthier your muscle are, the merrier it is.

Having healthy muscle is pivotal to fitness. When you strive to build them, you embark on the journey of burning fat. As the process of building muscles gains momentum, your body can burn the calories at a faster rate. Remember, the leaner the muscles, the easier it gets to shed those pounds.

How to Gain Muscle Mass:

While it cannot be denied that going to the gym is important, you cannot just rely on hitting on the gym and lifting for building the muscle mass. Your diet is as important as weight training. Remember, muscle building is an on-going process and there is no overnight success. Muscles are composed of water and protein. This only clarifies that your protein intake should be up to the mark. And this is why it is said, proteins are your best pal to beat those extra pounds and keep you leaner, fitter, healthier!

To put it, make it a point of including up to 25 to 30 grams of protein in every meal. Try to focus on food which is a rich source of protein. Fish, beef, turkey, yogurt, lentils, and eggs to name a few are full of protein. However, besides the protein, it is also important to have carbohydrates in your diet.
To sum it up, an ideal diet is a balanced one; everything from carbs, fats to proteins taken in moderate quantities and spaced out as evenly as possible. When the body has a sufficient amount of fats and carbs, the proteins would not be consumed by the body for energy.

Don’t Stress Out Your Muscles:

This is a misconception that the more you work out; the more beneficial it is for losing weight. Nothing can go beyond its capacity. Hence, it is important to give your muscle adequate amount of rest and the chance for it to adapt to the workout regimes.
If you happen to do some vigorous upper-body workout on one day, do not repeat it the other day and instead focus on the lower-body. This way, you won’t strain your muscles and they would adapt effectively. It is always wise to have different workout routines for the muscles to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries!
Also, trying and considering adopting non-gym activities, such as skipping a rope, cycling, swimming, or jogging to kill that monotony of going to the gym every single day. This could be a fun way to give your muscles the much-needed dose of a healthy break.

It Gives You The Strength You Need:

Having strong muscles increases your flexibility and you can perform intensive workout regimes. Besides this, it greatly reduces the risks of injury.

Taking care of your muscles now will be fruitful in future when you age as the joints need support. You will feel a lot more stamina within yourself when doing any physical activity. A higher muscle mass elevates the metabolism and ultimately the rate of the caloric burn. For every pound of muscle, you can burn up to 7 -13 calories per day.

You can consult a licensed fitness professional to make sure your strength training gives you the right results. Similarly, seek medical attention if you experience intense pain during or after your workout. The good news is that licensed physical therapists and GPs now have incorporated telemedicine into their medical practice. This means you can contact them using your smartphone or laptop without having to visit them.

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