How the Health Care Industry Has Changed Over the Years

How the Health Care Industry Has Changed Over the Years

November 26, 2018 No Comment

The healthcare industry has proven to be one of the most progressive industries in the world as every year new innovations have an exponential effect on how the health care industry operates. As the healthcare industry continues to develop, the quality of life has improved all around the world. Furthermore, these advancements have not only helped patients but have had a substantial impact on how health care practitioners offer their services and different medical practices.

The last few years have witnessed a complete overhaul in the medical ecosystem as technology has stepped in to revolutionize how medical services are offered. So many different processes are now automated; this in return has helped patients and doctors alike. To further exonerate how the health care industry has changed over the years, here is a list of various technological innovations and how they have affected the industry.

Health Care Records Are Now Stored Digitally On the Cloud

Previously every patient ha to keep a record of all of their medical records, if they misplaced any document they would either have to generate a new report or would to contact their doctor. This process was slow and hindered patients from receiving immediate health care services as the doctor has to analyze their medical records before they can even prescribe simple medication. Now, however, every health care service is interlinked through the cloud so that a doctor from anywhere can access every patient’s medical records.

Enhanced Patient Care

Not only to doctors save the patients records on the cloud, but now even nurses and technicians are supposed to keep patient data on the cloud. This data includes vital signs, blood pressure, test results and an array of different records into a central digitized system. This is not only beneficial for patient and doctors; it has also become a core factor in the administration side of things. Now since so much data is at the fingertips of healthcare professionals, they can easily schedule appointments, update patient records and submit medical claims.


BraineHealth launched Diagnosio in 2018 and this innovation has revamped how patients are being diagnosed. Diagnosio is a virtual doctor that proposes a diagnosis based on the patients’ data and records such as their age and gender. This innovation has patients gain immediate insight regarding their medical condition before they even schedule an appointment with a health care professional.

This diagnosis is provided through a unique collaboration between renowned medical sources such as WebMD, Mayo Clinic and MedlinePlus to make sure the diagnoses is as accurate as possible. BraineHealth is continuously developing new innovations to improve the health care system and the quality of life around the world.

Although these innovations have changed the entire structure of how medical services are being offered, it has done so in a positive manner as now patients can obtain immediate insight regarding their medical condition and obtain immediate help.

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