How To Buy Antique Rugs Online For A Timeless Décor

How To Buy Antique Rugs Online For A Timeless Décor

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If you are going to read this article it means you have finally decided and has taken a big decision: You have decided that you want to buy an antique rug for your house. The following tips will guide you but if you are not an expert or don’t have good knowledge about handmade carpet then you should decide first that from where you can buy your rugs. Go to a long-established, reputed store from where you can find all answers regarding handmade area rug and they patiently teach you and show you all the rugs which you want to see before you make a purchase. Don’t be pressured into buying immediately, you should analyze everything regarding antique carpets because this is a much expensive thing. There are many websites from where you can buy an antique carpet but .before buying it online check the below options-

How To Buy Antique Rugs Online For A Timeless Décor

Search about the Website:

Handmade antique carpets are an expensive item so you have to be careful during the shopping. Search the website on Google and also read the reviews and feedback from customers. See that how much product they have? If they are a manufacturer and have a huge stock it means this is a good website for buying antique Carpet.

Know about the Constructions of Rug:

How To Buy Antique Rugs Online For A Timeless DécorDo you know that why handmade carpets are too expensive? If no then I am going to tell you. Handmade area rugs are woven on a handloom which is a foundation of wood. Handloom is an adjustable loom so weavers can adjust it according to the size of carpet. A handmade rug takes seven steps to complete like spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing, washing and again finishing. Oriental antique rugs are woven in wool or cotton material which is called warps and wefts and stretched from beam to beam (top to bottom). The weaver makes horizontal rows called wefts, weaving in and out between the warps. Tying the warps together with the yarn of wool or silk then creates the pile. If we talk about 6’ x 9’ ft. carpet then it takes about 7-8 months to produce. You’ll notice that each rug has a “direction” due to woven on a vertical loom and the ends of each knot being pulled down while cutting the yarn.

Measure the Size of Space:

Right measurement is always needed while we are taking a cloth, furniture, television or handmade carpet but for handmade carpet, this is the most important thing because a handmade rug is the most expensive than other items. So decide the place and style or the way of placing your carpet. For example, do you want to place it on the furniture or want to put your furniture on it? After deciding the way you should measure the space where you want to place your rug.  

Don’t Buy before you Fall in Love with Design:

You should not buy a rug until you examine it carefully, keeping in mind that hand-made items inherently have inconsistencies. Notice that is the cut pile ends smoothly? Are the colors balanced or any color cutting exists? Did they use the finest quality of the material? The vibrant colors which look nice this time may not be appealing after a while and decrease the value of your rug in future. So clear all things and after that buy your carpet.

Examine Antique Carpet:

How To Buy Antique Rugs Online For A Timeless Décor

An antique carpet means its more than 70 years old.  As time passes, these carpets become more rare and valuable due to the graceful and intricate weaving process. But before you buy you should know what you’re getting. Many new rugs are made which look like antiques, and it can be difficult to tell the difference. So buy antique rug only from trustworthy rug and carpet dealer or from any manufacturer which have an e-commerce website.

The above tips you can follow for finding true antique carpet for your home. So buy your carpet and give a historical touch to your house.

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