How To Choose Car On The Autoportal

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As simple as it might seem, choosing a car on Autoportal can be a very time-consuming and demanding task. There are a lot of variables that you need to assess before even thinking of buying a new car correctly. Having the right budget is also essential. On top of that, the wide variety of car models ranging from Tata Hexa to Mahindra KUV and so many more make it tougher for consumers to decide which car fits their needs and which one would be overkill. Amidst all this confusion, selecting the right variables is extremely tough. This car buying guide should help you.

Variables/factors to consider

  • Budget – Probably the most crucial component amongst all the other variables, the budget decides which car you would choose. It is common sense as with a budget for a sedan; you will not be able to afford an SUV. If you have enough money, you will be able to opt for a higher modded variant of the same car. The whole concept of ‘budget’ is rather self-explanatory.
  • Car features – You may not like a particular feature, which will change the variant of the car you want entirely. Someone might want reverse parking sensors, whereas the other might think of it as just a flashy gimmick which increases the overall cost of the car. Spend some time researching about all the vehicles and their features before choosing one.
  • Invulnerability – As a consumer, you need to be aware of what all your car can withstand if it ever were to meet with an accident. Now, of course, this is extremely rare but better safe than sorry. It is recommended that you check if your car has airbags, ABS, and other security features which are being added by almost all companies. If not, opt for a more secure one. It’s for your safety after all.
  • Value – Some cars offer the best value for money, while some are just overhyped and hence cost more. Try to choose the car with the best value for money, unless you’re loyal to a particular company or have a different preference. Paying a premium isn’t always recommended, especially when all the manufacturers have started selling budget cars.
  • Reselling – This is a rather small factor, but some people might be interested in knowing the value of selling their car a few years down the lane.  The resale value is decided by customer satisfaction, quality, and deliverance. However, brand and company matter too. Am an international brand may have a higher resale value than a local one.

It’s all about preference

Choosing a car isn’t particularly comfortable, but now that you’ve decided, it was because of your preference. All that is left now is to schedule a test drive. Take the car out for a ride, get to know your next vehicle, see if it fits your need, and get a feel for how it drives. This is essential as if you do not like it, you can move on to your next preference, because be it a Tata Hexa or a Maruti Dzire, it is you who have to spend a long time with it.

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