How to Get Uber for X on Tight Budget

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Uber is the company which was established in 2009 and has been serving the customers for the online taxi-hailing facility since. Being the first to provide this service, they have taken the advantage of introducing something new to the market which is different from their currently running services before anyone else. Uber has now taken the responsibility of delivering all kind of goods to user’s doorstep along with the taxi-hailing services that it has started before. Uber has now started delivering food, medicines, groceries and what not to the doorstep of the customers. In this situation, to compete with such on-demand delivery systems, any other delivery system needs to upgrade themselves and should start trying to fill themselves in the boots of them. But what it requires is an application or website or both to compete at the same level that they are. With the introduction of such application and website which can deliver anything with only a few taps of the user, Uber has lifted the bar for small-scale startups who either lack on their budget or schedule.

Competition with Uber

An application which is able to give competition to Uber must have all the features that are present in Uber’s application. Which is not easy to achieve. Also as the task of development of an application gets hard, the charges that are paid for developing an application also increases. Which does not permit many entrepreneurs to continue with their tight budget. Also, the application needs to be delivered on time so it can be released as per the predetermined schedule. Some of them also try to adjust the list of features but it can not be compromised in any situation.

Get your own Application
The solution to this can be on-demand applications like Uber for X app. This application is fully customizable and robust. It has been developed by expert developers and also it can be owned at very fewer prices that are spent after getting developed an application from scratch. That is why it can fit in your schedule also. As the application has been developed already, all that is left to do is adding any advanced features that you recommend other than the already present ones. Also, the customization of app theme and your own logo is included for helping you leave your own mark on the mind of your user.

Features Provided in the Application
This application offers the online delivery service for food, groceries, medicines, courier, bottled water and many more. It provides multiple modules like customer app, provider app, store app and web panels like admin panel and store panel. It does not limit itself here. The application supports multiple languages and multiple payment gateways. The application content can be viewed in different languages as per the language preferred by you and your user. The customer can get status updates of his/her delivery and also can contact the delivery person if needed. The customer is also provided the feature of selecting multiple products from different categories and sub-categories provided by the seller. The customer needs to register first to use the application, through which you can keep the history of the user from which the user can reorder anything he/she wants. This eases the process of ordering and motivates the user to use your application again. The delivery person uses the provider app to get notifications about his/her next delivery task. This application contains the feature of route optimization which helps the driver to arrive at user’s delivery address in less time. Whenever driver accepts any delivery task, SMS verification is done to ensure the driver’s identity. The store app and panel enables the seller to add or delete any item of his/her store. He /She can manage the orders placed by the user for his/her items and arrange packaging and delivery of the order to user’s home. Also, he/she can track the order being delivered to the user. The admin panel contains all the controls required for monitoring and maintenance of the application. Using admin panel, admin can view and track the deliveries in progress, also he/she can view the details of stores and delivery persons working under the application. This application contains many other useful features in each module which makes your work easier and helps you in earning more.

Other Factors to Take into Consideration
But owning the powerful application can not make you successful. You also need to focus on providing other aspects which match the level of services provided by the user. To succeed in the market, you need to determine who is your target audience and focus on providing services to them as per their needs. Also, the quality of your service matters the most. If you want to give tough competition to Uber, you need to provide services to the user which have the same quality as the Uber provides. Another thing that the user is concerned about when choosing from multiple options is the charges that are being charged in exchange. Using attractive discounts you can motivate users to start using your application regularly.

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