How to Plan An Exciting Camping Trip with your Friends

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Vacation is fast approaching, and it’s an excellent time to hit the road and go on an exciting camping trip. While the thrill of going on a spontaneous road trip is appealing ‒ hitting the road with very little research and planning before you go can turn into a disaster.

To maximize your trip, here is your ultimate guide to planning an exciting camping trip with your friends:   


Know When To Go

When setting out on a camping trip, consider first the time of the year you’re planning your vacation. While summer months, holidays and weekends might be the ideal time to go, it’s quite busy on highways, and camping grounds are packed during these during these peak travel times.

Have a specific destination in mind. As a starting point, have a general idea of your destination. Going on a road trip on national parks can be fun. National parks are found close together, surrounded by luscious natural forests that are ideal areas for camping. Buy a map and do your research on the top camping spots and other outdoor recreation activities if you want to explore the area.


Consider Your Space

What type of car do you drive? An SUV-type vehicle and a spacious sedan make an excellent space for a group. A small hatchback or a more compact car can be more economical, but there’s lesser space, and the number of supplies and equipment that you can bring with you is limited.

A pickup has a large area to store and transport various equipment. It’s also ideal if you want to sleep under the stars. There’s no doubt about it, the convenience of having a recreational vehicle that can be tailored for your camping experience is fantastic.


Before Hitting The Road, Have Your Car Serviced

The last thing that you want to happen to you during a vacation is having your car broken down. Unfortunately, it still happens even to vehicles that are well-maintained. So before you go on an extended drive, a basic tune-up is always a good idea. Have the oil filters changed, and do a basic service of your vehicle.


Bring Guidebooks, Maps, and Check the Road Conditions

Before driving, ensure that you bring the correct maps with you. See to it that you plan your routes, and it’s free from closures and significant constructions. While many smartphones these days have GPS mapping systems to guide you, it helps that you see the big picture on a real map.

When you’re travelling on an area with the booming tourism industry, you can likely secure a guidebook that will recommend you to the sights to see and things to do. If you can’t acquire a guidebook before going, drop by local regional offices and visitor’s centres for you to be able to get free information on the various attractions in the area.


Pack Light

While going on a road trip, you don’t need to pack a lot of things. Just bring the essentials, clothing, food, and other camping gear. You can bring a few extras to maximize your camping experience, but don’t overpack your car because chances are, you’ll be weighing it down. As a result, it burns more gasoline. Also, finding cooking utensils or frisbee in an overly-packed car can be both exhausting and challenging. Remember, it’s the experience that makes a trip memorable, not the things.


Safety and Comfort Outdoors

While insects cannot be avoided especially outdoors it’s impact can be managed. Bring plenty of your favourite insect repellant, and re-apply it frequently especially during evenings. Moreover, pack citronella candles and mosquito coils as well. Bring along a first aid kit for any scrapes, wounds, and bruises. Sunscreens are a must, too especially during outdoor activities.



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