How to Plan the Ideal Indian Wedding: The First Important Steps

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Planning a wedding is difficult enough – but more so for an Indian wedding. Indian weddings are typically grand, majestic affairs which can actually have as many as 4 events, depending on your budget. If you are in the beginning stages of planning your Indian wedding, there are some essential steps you should take first. Here’s how to plan the ideal Indian wedding: the first important steps.

Decide on the wedding dates

Yes, you read that right – with an Indian wedding, it’s best to decide on 3 prospective dates. With 3 dates, you can more easily check on the availability of all your suppliers. With 3 dates, you can make adjustments if the wedding venue you want isn’t available on the first date or if the caterer is fully booked on a particular date, for instance. These 3 prospective dates will give you more options, particularly if one of your major suppliers or the priest/maharaj isn’t available.

Book your priest/maharaj

Now you may think that it’s more important to make reservations for your venue before booking the priest or maharaj, but the fact is that priests can be very busy, and it’s more feasible to speak with the priest first and make a reservation with them before you book the wedding venue. This is especially true if you want a particular priest or maharaj and don’t want to settle for another. If you have chosen the 3 dates as mentioned above, book the priest for these 3 dates and simply ask him to contact you if someone else wants to make a reservation with him for any of those dates.

Decide on your guest list

The next step is to decide on your guest list. Make the first draft of your guest list, and even if this list is only a draft, it will already give you a better idea of the prospective number of guests you may have. With this guest estimate, you can more easily select a wedding venue, such as the popular Indian wedding venues offered by Heythrop Park. One fact which you should never forget is this: the more you have on your guest list, the costlier your wedding may be, as the number of guests will determine factors such as the price of catering, centrepieces and table settings, wedding favours, drinks, and the wedding cake.

Make your list of to-dos

After you have done the above, it’s time to make your list of to-dos. Making a good list requires a bit of brainstorming, so bring the families together so you can all decide what needs to be done. The list should include the wedding theme (including the colour theme), the food or menu, the required suppliers, and so on. Happy planning, and best wishes!

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