How to Remove Scratches from a Car

October 31, 2018 No Comment

Waking up to the realizing of endless streaks of lines is frustrating, to say the least as this often means that it’s time to get your checkbook out and hit the repair shop. Lucky for you we’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeves that are sure to sort you out affordably and they are as follows:

1) Purchasing a first-rate scratch repair kit


The market is littered with all kinds of excellent products that can turn glaring scratches into seamless finishing with there also being a few scratch removal product varieties that can also work wonders on deep scratches. While with deep scratches they serve as only a band-aid solution to keep you going till you’ve saved up enough for a bodywork, starter kits are an excellent remedy for damages spanning just the clear coat and stopping short of the underlying coat base.

2) Toothpaste is also a great solution


If you had a DVD/CD player back in the day, then you might have come across a common hack entailing how toothpaste comes in handy with removing scratches from malfunctioning optical discs. Science has recently linked this desirable scratch-removing trait to its abrasive properties that allow it to mimic gentle sandpaper which is why toothpaste can wipe away a noticeable scratch into oblivion.

3) Duct tape helps too


It’s not the most contemporary or ideal of solutions but you can pull it off to great effect without raising any eyebrows. Granted it’s only a temporary remedy until you can afford a more permanent fix but it can conceal glaring streak lines unnoticeably. Ensure you apply duct tape of an exact match to your car’s exterior so that it isn’t conspicuous and that you apply a seamless strip devoid of crease lines that are sure to stand out.

4) Conceal the scratch with touch-up paint


Akin to how makeup works magic on facial imperfections such as bruises, touch up or color spray paint can have the same effect on car scratches. A touch-up is usually preferred over a spray can as it offers greater control and precision which is particularly great with slight scratches. Those spanning a larger area though are well catered to by a spray can.

5) Make the best of a bad situation with artwork


If the scratches are quite extensive and the aforementioned hacks don’t get the job done quite well, then you can turn unappealing marks into gorgeous works of art. You can drown out the lines in a sea of trims, colored decals, or stickers- whatever you fancy- so that the area blends in as an intended piece of revamping with nothing out of the ordinary.

That completes our tips on how to remove car scratches however please note that the methods explained above will help you with surface/small scratches but won’t be as effective when it comes to deep cuts. Such will require a complete overhaul in terms of paint but that isn’t too hard to do with some wax, polish, clear coat, sandpaper and lots of soap and water.

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