Important Questions to Ask Your Carpet Cleaner Before Hiring Them

January 11, 2018 No Comment

Carpets work hard. They cushion our feet, provide a soft bed for the cat and dog, give a play-area to the kids and accept whatever our shoes track through, not to mention catching spills from holiday parties and meals with toddlers. To keep your wall-to-wall or wool area rugs dirt-free and looking their best, it’s important to have them cleaned annually. But there are a few important questions you should ask before booking professional carpet cleaning.

  1. Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpet cleaning companies use a variety of different methods, each with their pros and cons. The most popular is probably steam cleaning, while other techniques include carpet shampooing, which can sometimes take a long time to dry, and bonneting, often used by hotels in order to clean the surface of the carpet. Ask which cleaning method the company uses and why they believe it’s the best.

  1.  Work Quality Guarantees

If you notice an overlooked spot after the cleaners have come and gone, will this be covered? This – and other similar circumstances – are important issues when you’re paying to have a company enter your house and clean your carpets. Most professional businesses do offer guarantees but you should ask about the conditions so you know exactly what to expect should you need to log a complaint or have the cleaners return.

  1. Satisfied Customers

These days, it’s easy to check reviews online. Satisfied customers – and those who were disappointed – will voice their opinions on the company’s social media sites or other business listings, such as Google. Be sure to check what other people thought about the company.

  1. Free Estimates

If you have a large home with lots of carpet, you will likely want to know up front how much the cleaning will cost you. Some company’s sent representatives to look at the job at hand while others will calculate a cost based on your square footage. Either way, be sure to get a sense of the price in advance so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by the final bill.

  1. Bonded and Insurable

If something goes wrong in the cleaning process, you do not want to be stuck with the expense! Make sure that the company is insured so that they can cover the cost of any mistakes, misused chemicals or other destructive accidents within your home.

  1. Drying Time

Usually, carpet cleaning companies advice a turnaround of about 24 hours for your carpet to completely dry, although this will depend on humidity, the climate in the house, and the fabric and pile of the carpet. Ask for advice on speeding up the drying process and obtain booties, if offered, so you can stay at home while the cleaning is underway.

With all of these questions answered, you will feel confident and assured when opening your door to the cleaning crew. Breathe easy knowing you’ve hired the best professionals for the task and that the floor beneath your feet is cleaned of allergens and other toxic dirt.  

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