Important Tips For Vintage-Style Fashion

Important Tips For Vintage-Style Fashion

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Despite drawing on trends from decades past, vintage fashion is always in. Of course, there is a crucial distinction between drawing on inspiration from days of yore, and looking like you’ve just stepped out of a time machine. That’s why wearing vintage fashion — and wearing it well — isn’t as simple as ransacking your great Aunt Hattie’s attic and deciding to sport her entire wardrobe from 1957. Rocking vintage style requires knowing just as much about today’s fashion trends as those of yesteryear. It requires an eye for combining the right elements of both eras.

It’s a subtle art, but it is not one that’s beyond your abilities. Not with these tips here to help. Read on to find out how you can master vintage-style fashion.

Stick to One Vintage Era

While your vintage look is going to be infused with elements of modern style, there can be only one style throwback. Combining a sleek, contemporary mini-skirt with a Victorian-inspired sweater, for instance, makes a stunning statement. But add in a pair of 60’s-inspired go-go boots and you’ve got too much going on. It’s a design battle of the decades. Instead, opt for a pair of lace-up, pointed toe ankle boots which are reminiscent of the Victorian era, but also extremely relevant in today’s fashion world.

Let the Clothes Speak for Themselves

You’ve found a brilliant piece of authentic vintage or vintage-inspired style, and you want the whole world to see it. They will. One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to rock vintage fashion is they try to hard to call attention to it, instead of just allowing the style to speak for itself. You don’t need to dress loudly to play up a skirt infused with beautiful style sentiments from the 1920’s, for instance: the delicate intricacy of this skirt is already obvious, without being obnoxious. Embrace the art of understatement, and pair this skirt with equally subtle style, like a white tee or tank and a jean or leather jacket.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Sometimes, the one piece of vintage fashion you choose will be a more all-encompassing item by its very nature. Take a pair of bell bottoms, for instance. These pants scream the summer of love. Or a ruffled blouse reminiscent of the elaborate Edwardian era. This fashion speaks to embellishment and indulgence. Because both of these items will likely steal the visual show of any ensemble you put together, it’s important to balance them out with those more modern elements we discussed earlier. Accessories are one of the easiest ways to do this. Instead of wearing equally 70’s inspired clogs with your bell-bottom jeans, wear a pair of edgy, sleek, and studded pointed toe heels. And that blouse? Pair it with distinctly non-Edwardian jewellery, like leather bracelets and chunky metal ear-cuffs.

Pro tip: Also use your hair to create harmony. Since hair was often worn long, loose and wild in the heyday of the bell bottom, add some contemporary chic by styling it up in a neat, posh French twist or ballet bun. Likewise, since hair was often coiffed to excess in the Edwardian era, opt to let your tresses run free to complete this vintage-style look.

And remember, that’s what ‘vintage-style’ is: it takes elements of vintage fashion and incorporates into the modern style sensibility. Use these tips, and own the look.

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