Is Breast Reduction Right For You?

Is Breast Reduction Right For You?

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There are many problems that come with having large breast for women. It can be a major cause of neck and back pains from their weight, can be a nuisance when they engage in any physical activity and generally, they can be an easy target for attracting unnecessary attention. It can also be annoying when it comes to purchasing bras to provide comfort. Breast reduction can, therefore, be an option for many women looking to reduce these issues they have. It’s important to gain knowledge of whether you feel it’s right for you though.

What is Breast Reduction?

It’s exactly what it says. It’s a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of your breasts and can help to change how they feel, their appearance and their weight. If you’re worried about whether you’re the right age you don’t need to worry as breast reduction surgery can be done at any age. Just be wary of the time period in your life you’re looking to do the surgery. If you’re still a young age or looking to start a family in the future, issues can arise with regards to pregnancy or breastfeeding. Whilst being pregnant, the results of the surgery can be affected and similarly if you’re looking to breastfeed it can be difficult to do. There are many women though who go for breast reduction as part of a mummy makeover once they’ve had their children.

When would having Breast Surgery be a Good Option?

There are many experiences in which you may consider breast reduction surgery. There are a few options listed below where you may feel the need to:

Consistent back problems: If you’re having back and neck problems this can dramatically affect your posture and be having to deal with it on a daily basis can be stressful

Lack of sleep: Due to the size of your breasts it can be difficult to find a correct or comfortable position to sleep. As a result, you find you’re not getting the right amount of sleep during the night and waking up restless

Unable to find well-supported bras: If you’re finding it hard to find the right sized bra size it can irritation and discomfort from wearing the wrong one which can develop rashes.

Would it be ideal for me to do?

Generally, there are a few factors that come into play to make sure you come out of the surgery healthy and looking good. To be an ideal candidate to have breast reduction surgery you should:

Be in good health physically

Not be a regular smoker

Have issues with your breasts as stated above

Feel unable to participate in physical activity due to the size of your breasts

For more information about the procedure you can visit any surgery that specialises in breast reduction, Manchester based. The help they provide may inform your decision to feeling more comfortable and feel less conscious about your appearance.

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