Katie Thistleton’s New Book: Dear Katie

Katie Thistleton’s New Book: Dear Katie

May 30, 2018 No Comment

CBBC presenter Katie Thistleton has always had interests running deeper than her role as a children’s TV presenter. She’s an ambassador for the charity Mind, and her latest book tackles some tricky issues relating to mental health which can affect children and young people.

Katie Thistleton’s New Book: Dear Katie

Out now, Dear Katie is a non-fiction book which poses questions in the form of letters to Katie, which she answers in her distinct and friendly voice. She says that she wrote the book to help young people manage their own mental health:

“I have suffered with my own mental health problems, and now realise that these issues started in my childhood and teen years,” she said.

“As a CBBC presenter, I also often meet young people, and have young people following me on my social media accounts, particularly young girls. This has made me ever more aware of the pressures faced by young people today and the ever-growing need for emotional support for the next generation.”

To write the book, Katie spent six months sourcing letters from a diverse range of young people, working with charities, schools, libraries and other organisations. As well as advice from Katie, the book features advice from other qualified professionals.

Katie said: “I think reading is great for your mental health anyway, no matter what it is! I think reading true accounts of other people’s emotions, thoughts, feelings and experiences of mental health problems is truly beneficial to all of us, not just those who are suffering.”

To find out more about booking Katie Thistleton to appear at an event, contact her booking agent at MN2S. As a CBBC presenter, she’s great at putting children at ease, making her a great guest at a family-friendly event or to promote a product or service aimed at children. Her warm, bubbly nature means people of all ages are sure to warm quickly to her.

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