Keeping Yourself Busy During a Layover

June 25, 2018 No Comment

When you think about layovers, many will picture the late, great Anthony Bourdain in his popular TV series. For anyone not familiar with this or the general concept, a layover is a short space of time spent in one place. Usually, when you are traveling, it is when you are waiting to go on to somewhere else.

Anyone who saw Bourdain’s show will know that all the usual distractions of sightseeing, food and drink can be enjoyed wherever you may be. This will make the time pass by in fine fashion, but what can you do when waiting around in your hotel to go out?

Keeping busy on a layover  

Whether you are laying over in exotic India, romantic Paris or sultry Rome, there may be times when you need something to do when there. Here are some great ideas to kill time if boredom is creeping up on you:

  • Research where you are – one great thing to do when stuck on your layover is to find out more about where you are. This will give you the information that you need to go out and enjoy all that it has to offer. It will also mean that you see all the best bits of the place that you are in and check out any must-see buildings. You can also use this research to draw up an itinerary of what you will do over the few days you are there.
  • Play online games – logging on to play online casino games is a great way to not only pass the time on your layover but also maybe win some spending money! Even if you are not wanting to play for money, you can still play for fun on Stakers casino. You will love the many games at online casinos like this, whether it is exciting slots or more strategic card games.
  • Brush up on the language – if you are laying over in a country that does not speak your own language, then why not learn some of theirs? This will not only kill some time for you but will also allow you to enjoy yourself more when there. Being able to communicate even a little with the locals in their own language goes a long way.
  • Go shopping – many places across the globe are very often cheaper to buy clothes in than your own country. If this is true for where you are, then take advantage of it to hit the shops. This will not only give you something to do but will also allow you to restock your wardrobe at half the price.

As you can see, there are some very interesting and creative ways to stay busy when laying over!

Lay over like a pro  

Laying over in places is something of an art due to the short timescales involved and the fact that it may not be your final destination. However, it is still worth doing what you can to enjoy the time that you are there. Any of the above tips will help you do just that in the best style.


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