Know the Best Times for Posting on Instagram to Gain Mileage in SEO

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Do not be surprised if you come across some tall claims on the internet that some people have experienced a massive increase in traffic to the social media posts on Instagram.  There could be enough truth in the claim because they are aware of the ways of getting the most out of Instagram that has made it possible. When the Instagram traffic increases, it impacts SEO because according to the basics of using Instagram for business, you must provide a link to your website and vice versa. It means that the traffic heading for Instagram moves over to your site almost seamlessly and the SEO campaign benefits from it. Higher traffic means more chances of conversion and better SEO performance.

You might be wondering what right things these people might have done that they experience heavy traffic flow both on the social media and to the website.  They have simply focused on better engagement with followers on Instagram with the intention of interacting with them closely. Instead of just randomly loading posts on Instagram and leaving it for followers to consume it at will, they have chosen to enter into a real-time exchange with viewers they target.  To make it simple, they have relied on creating a posting and scheduling strategy for Instagram that has worked wonders. To know more about it, keep reading this article.

Posting and scheduling strategy

It is not at all difficult to create a posting and scheduling strategy provided you follow the steps explained below. Every social media platform has its specialties concerning how the users frequent it. The audience behavior is different on different platforms, and there are specific times when the audience is active on any social media platform.

Taking it into consideration, research about the audience to know whom to target and then dug deeper to discover their attitude and online behavior so that you know the times when the audience is most active on the social media. Accordingly, you can choose the times when you should put up the posts on Instagram so that it receives a real-time response from the audience. By knowing the behavior of the audience and the time slot when they are most active on specific social networking sites, Instagram in this case, you have to create a suitable posting and scheduling strategy so that it benefits you. Here is how you can put your best foot forward.

Choose the time for posting

The success of the content you post on Instagram depends on how well you have chosen the time for posting it. No matter how good the quality of content might be, it will not be able to extract the maximum response from viewers and followers if the posting time is not appropriate.  By carrying out some research on the target audience, it is possible to know which days of the week and at what times you should post on Instagram and at what interval. Although the trend is specific to your audience, you can also rely on some general behavioral trends on Instagram that could provide some direction.

The best times for posting

Although Instagram users are active throughout the week, you are likely to get more attention on Monday, the first working day of the week. It would be ideal to schedule posting on Mondays and Thursdays. The next thing to decide is the times when users remain active on the network.  The audience is most receptive to videos at night between 9 pm to early morning 8 am. Videos of all kinds are likely to do well during this time.

There are three specific times on any day when the audience remains active – in the early hours at 2 am, in the morning between 8 am, and 9 am and again at 5 p.m. Avoid posting after lunch between 3 pm and 4 pm when there is a lull in audience participation.  

By using the data, you can start building the follower base on Instagram in an organic manner. For doing it quickly and with less effort you can even buy Instagram likes that underlines the popularity of the post.

The quantum of content

Besides deciding the type of content that the audience would like, you also have to consider the optimal quantity that they would gladly accept.  Remember, that bombarding the audience with content can cause more harm than good to your social media and SEO campaign. The general trend of some leading brands on Instagram is to post 11/2 time a day on an average or twice in three days. However, you must know exactly what your audience wants and determine the frequency of posting which could be even higher.  No fixed numbers are representing the optimal quantity, but it depends on how well you know your audience behavior and their likes and dislikes. What works for one organization may not be good for another because the highs and lows are all very relative. However, you must find out what could make your posts tick.  

Analytical tools –weapons for creating a social media strategy

You need proper technical support to work out the schedules for social media updating and posting. Many analytical and scheduling tools like HootSuite and Buffer are popular among marketers who use it extensively for determining the posting schedule on Instagram as well as Twitter and Facebook.  For Instagram, you cannot use the tools to post content on your behalf, as the platform does not allow it. Instead, on receiving the push notifications from the tools containing the image together with the caption as a preview, you can simply open your Instagram account and post the caption to see it go live. There are tools available that connect all your social media accounts with your website and blogs so that you can make use of all your digital properties to grow your followers at a rapid pace.

Although Instagram is highly popular in the fashion industry, other businesses can also make good use of it with proper guidance and training.

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