Last Minute Wedding Prep – The Things You Might Not Have Thought Of

August 30, 2018 No Comment

You’ve probably been doing wedding prep for the last several months of your engagement. The flowers have been ordered, the cake has been designed, and your dress has been altered to fit you like a glove.

While there are probably hundreds of things you’ve checked off your list and taken care of, it’s likely that you’ve forgotten one important consideration – the last-minute preparations for the day of the wedding!

Join us as we explore a few things you should consider for your day of preparation courtesy of JJ’s House designer Jessica. Jessica has years in the bridal industry and knows a thing or two about last-minute prep! Check out some of our favorite forget-me-nots for the day of your wedding.

Last Minute Exercise

We know it might sound silly, but your last-minute preparations should always include self-care. We recommend carving out some special time the last few days before your wedding, and even on your wedding day if you can swing it, to make sure you’re getting some physical activity and exercise. This won’t just benefit your physical health (although, hey, you want to make sure that dress that’s fitting like a glove is going to look good), it’s also going to be a big stress buster during a busy, hectic time. Try to make some time for you and get your sweat on!

Skin Care on Point

Don’t neglect your skin care. This is one of the biggest pieces of advice we can offer you for the days leading up to your wedding, as well as the day of the wedding. While we suggest this, mostly, because of your skin’s healthy, we also know that you probably want to maintain that gorgeous, healthy glow, and if you’re too busy to get elbows deep into your normal skin routine, you’re likely going to regret your choices. Make sure you’re taking the time to take care of your skin!

Wedding Venue Check

We suggest doing this a few days in advance, but we also suggest heading into the venue the day of your wedding extra early to make sure everything is on point. Is the venue set up as you desired? Will the venue accommodations make sense? Are there any last-minute needs that need to be met or questions that need to be answered? You can only know if you go in, call in, or send in someone to check for you!

Are Your Vendors Prepared?

Checking in with each, individual vendor is going to make all the difference in the world. We do suggest starting in on this list a few days before your wedding just to make sure you’re not going to run into any serious issues, but we definitely suggest doing a once-through with every vendor on your list the day of your wedding. Are the caterers prepared? Does the DJ have all the materials he needs? You can’t know unless you check, so make sure everything is in proper order early on so that you’re able to focus on your big day!

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