Los Angeles to Las Vegas: 4 Easy Ways of Traveling

Los Angeles to Las Vegas: 4 Easy Ways of Traveling

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Many tourists who travel to Southern California or Los Angeles then decide to go to Las Vegas. And that’s a great idea! The distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is 435 km, so it can be traveled rather quickly, easily and in different ways.

At first, you might think that the route between two famous cities in the south-west of the United States is very simple, and there are no any problems. This is true, because you can use several solutions to come to Las Vegas from Los Angeles – by plane, bus, train and of course, a rental car.

Well, let’s consider what types of transport in the United States are suitable for independent travel from the City of Angels to Las Vegas…

Traveling by Plane

In Los Angeles, California, there is not only an international LAX airport, which serves as a gateway to the US for many travelers. LA features other airports, which can be more convenient when it comes to domestic flights. Moreover, it may be easier to get there than in LAX. It all depends on the location of your hotel in Los Angeles.


(photo by 320-ROC)

From each of the following airports you can fly to Las Vegas by different airlines: Southwest, Spirit, JetBlue, and others. The cost of the flight is about $50-$220.

Here are 4 airports to choose from in Los Angeles:

  • LAX Airport serves most of the tourists (up to 80 million passengers a year) and is especially suitable for vacationers staying in Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu and Downtown areas. The flight will take only 1 hour. The total travel time will be about 4 hours. You can get to LAX airport by bus – it runs 1 time per hour and travels about 45 minutes.
  • BUR Airport will be a good choice for those who stay in Hollywood area. You can reach Bob Hope airport by Ventura County Line train just in 25 minutes. Trains run every 3 hours.
  • LGB Airport is another LA gateway. Choose it in case you stay near the Long Beach and the Pacific Aquarium.
  • SNA Airport will be convenient for those who stay in a hotel near Disneyland and Huntington Beach. Getting to the airport is most convenient by the shuttle bus running from the hotel.

As you see, there are a lot of ways to fly to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, and they all approach both tourists and business people. You should only choose the most convenient airport, and then your trip will be easily and quickly.

Traveling by Car

Las Vegas is connected with Los Angeles by a good high-speed I-15 highway, which is rather pleasant to drive. And although it seems as if it’s easy to get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by car, it’s worth remembering that the I-15 road passes through the Mojave Desert, which is sometimes very insidious. Despite the beautiful scenery around, the desert quickly tires people. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and sometimes stop to have a rest. Of course, you need to decide in advance where to return rental car at Las Vegas Airport or somewhere else.

Our rental car in Las Vegas (the one in the middle) ;)

(photo by candjsignno6)

The whole travel time by car is 4-5 hours, and you need about 35 liters of gasoline. The cost of 1 liter is about 70 cents.

Traveling by Bus

There’s no problem to get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by bus of one of the transportation companies that regularly run between the City of Angels and the Sin City.

Megabus, Patsaouras Transit Plaza, November 28, 2012

(photo by Metro Library and Archive)

Check out the list of the buses running from Los Angeles to Las Vegas:

  • LuxBus America – these buses will be convenient for vacationers both in Los Angeles and in California Disneyland – they depart at 321 W Katella Ave Suite # 81, Anaheim, CA;
  • Megabus – tickets for the Megabus bus to Las Vegas can be reserved for only $1 in advance. Then the price increases. The bus departs from the bus station at Los Angeles, CA, Union Station’s Patsaouras Transit Plaza.
  • Amtrak – in spite of the fact that Amtrak is a railway company, they also start up two buses a day to Las Vegas from Union Station in LA Downtown.

The bus ride takes about 6 hours, and ticket price is $ 10-18.

Traveling by Train

Generally, it’s possible to get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by train, but it’s not as easily as by using other ways. However, a train ride in the US is perfect for those who appreciate comfort.

Starkville, Colorado

(photo by Kevin Sadowski)

Tourists should definitely keep in mind that there is no railway station in Las Vegas. Kingman is the nearest city where the Southwest Chief train arrives – it’s located 180 km away from Las Vegas.

You have to travel with a transfer. Travel time is 7 hours to Kingman by train, and then 2 hours to Las Vegas.

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