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Moving to the city of dreamers, legends and ambition, New York City, could be the ultimate, first step to a rocking career and life but the beginning of this journey is always the darkest of the dawn. Apart from homesickness and a culture shock, finding a decent place to crash that does not cost an arm and leg could be one of the difficulties you could face. So equipping yourself with the right tools and information beforehand could very much save you from turning back and becoming one of the many who become a victim of the most coveted yet merciless city in the world.

Getting some help from the experienced can save you from a huge pile of unfortunate events (that have caused many to return home before they can even begin their journey). To survive and experience a hassle-free move, you need to keep in mind some golden guidelines that the veterans have shared repeatedly.

These 5 tips could pretty much determine your fate of either officially becoming a New Yorker or running for the hills!

Stock up on savings before your big move

Unless you already have a job waiting for you there, chances are you will be unemployed or spending the first few months flipping burgers or waiting tables. There are a lot of jobs in New York City but it is next to impossible to find them as soon as you land. Slow and steady surely wins the race but you must have a contingency plan to help you survive until then. Make sure you have enough to capital to fend for yourself for at least the first two months until you land the right job. Also, you should allocate your initial capital wisely on rent, food, utilities, transportation and other essentials decisively. The last thing you want is to have to turn back from this magical land just because you hit rock bottom due to bad foresight and budgeting.

Hire Pros

Every veteran seconds this advice. There way too many things on your plate right now and moving your stuff should not be one of them. You will end up pulling your hair out in the dense, congested streets of New York trying to navigate your rented moving truck, parking it and hauling the furniture. Best advice to take is to let professional NYC Movers handle the heavy lifting. You can bet you will not find parking space in front of your building which would most likely have no elevators. So you would end up going through a hefty amount of lifting and carrying your stuff all the way from your truck up to your apartment. Not to forget that you would have to lock the truck on every trip.

Have External Storage

Having a backup storage place is the smartest thing to do in New York City where you are bound to start off from a wee-sized apartment (that costs a lot more than the space it has). You can use commodities like companies that safe-keep all kinds of your belongings including clothes, shoes, tools and even furniture and return it back whenever you need them. These services are quite popular and commonly available in NYC as their monthly or annual fee costs a lot less than paying the rent for a flat that comes with its own storage space! You can even get those storage units for the lessor to keep everything until you hit it big and move in better living quarters.

Prepare Yourself for Intense House hunting

Make sure you are in touch with a real estate agent that is good in his trade or any veteran mover who can help and guide you in finding the right, affordable housing that does not burn a hole in your pocket. The last thing you want is to have to have to sleep on the streets of New York as a newbie. Know your wants and budget and effectively share them with your agent or guardian angel. If your needs do not match up with your budget, a good agent can help you find your holy grail. Keep in mind, a tight budget will make you compromise on certain amenities e.g. laundry or a doorman.

Learn Your Building’s Rules

Be a good sport and learn the rules to avoid getting kicked out of your own house on the first day. Once you lease it, contact the management company to inquire their moving policy. Some buildings have very specific requirements such as requiring a certificate of insurance from the movers or protective covering on floors in hallways.

Bonus Pro tips especially for those moving to NYC:

  • Learn the subway system before moving so you do not get ripped off by taxis.
  • Do not move when there is a major event in the city (which is quite often because of course: ‘it’s NYC, baby!’)

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