Rebrand Yourself for 2019

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It’s easy to enter December ready to excuse a month of feasting and merrymaking with the New Year’s Resolutions that will bind you to a healthy lifestyle in January. You justify that one more mince pie, that last pint in the knowledge that you will, definitely, be in the gym three nights a week in the new year.

All these resolutions are simply excuses unless you can make good on them. Let’s look at how you can successfully and truthfully rebrand yourself in 2019 to make sure you’re the person you want to be, and don’t fall short of the mark.

Presenting Yourself

Appearances are more important than they should be: everyone should be judged on their character and qualitied, not on how they look, but unfortunately there is no easy way to judge someone’s character without a long time spent with them, so appearances are all we have to fall back.

This means you have the chance to present yourself as the person you’re working towards being and allowing people to judge you on those terms. If they treat you as though you’ve already succeeded, it makes it easier to live up to their expectations and make good on your resolutions.

If you’re planning on hitting the gym hard, some athleisure gear from Blood Brother, whether you were it while you’re working out or casually, signals that you fit in the fitness sphere. You have no reason to feel uncomfortable, you belong, and that confidence will help you seize opportunities.

Carrot and Stick

You need a system of reward and punishment to make sure you’re hitting milestones and keeping up to the mark. The important thing is to make sure the rewards are consistent with the objective you’re trying to achieve and that your punishments aren’t harsh enough to make you give up trying.

For example, if you’re trying to give up smoking, your reward for your first smoke free month shouldn’t be a cigarette! And if you do let yourself down and have smoke one cigarette when you’re stressed or on a night out, if you punish yourself crushingly you’ll simply give up on your efforts to give up instead of keeping yourself on track.


The most important thing you can do is make sure you have support in your endeavours. A more experienced friend to show you the ropes at the gym and work out with is a vital morale boost! If you know someone who’s also chasing a new job, working on CVs and applications together makes the process less isolating and intimidating.

The most important thing you can do is look to your friends for support and support them: between you all, you can make the changes you need for the new year.

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