Road Adventure: TOP Popular LUX Destinations For US Travelers

Road Adventure: TOP Popular LUX Destinations For US Travelers

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Are you waiting for the next vacation? You don’t need to jump the border! US has lots of opportunities for traveling. You may use NU rental by Rental24h in US to get around fast. US car travel can boast lots of advantages. It makes your road trip comfortable. Where to start? You have to make a list of destinations. But first, do you really need a car for your trip?


Should you rent a car for your trip?

It’s very comfortable to drive your own car, no matter what. But if you don’t have a car, you may easily rent it in the state you’ve just arrived. The public transportation in the most of the US cities is not convenient at all. You should wait long to get over the state. So it makes sense to use helpful US car rental by NU. The weekly prices are really cheap. There are few things to consider:

  1. Gas prices

Of course, drivers often notice the difference for gas prices. US drivers are not the exception of the rule. Don’t worry about it! Comparing with Europe, the prices in US seem to be cheaper than in Europe. Look and compare! For example, such a big city as Munich takes about 1.65€ per liter, which is about $2.20. So, the price for one gallon is about $9. The prices in Rome are more expensive per gallon. It is more than what you’re paying at home, isn’t it? So, first of all, the price for your rental car much depends on the destination, duration, and total gas mileage you’re getting. Be patients to find about the prices beforehand.

  1. Transmission

US is a country where people prefer driving with automatic transmission. Comparing with Europe, the most of the local drivers prefers manual transmission. What is your driving preference? You should pay attention to the car technical characteristics. Rental24H helpful will find a good car for your travel destination. Just don’t forget to appoint your special needs about the car in the order form.

  1. Driving laws and road signs

Driving laws and rules may be different in different countries. Even Europe and US rules are different in something. Travelling by car through American states, you meet different signs on the roads. The words on the road signs are in local language. So, be careful, travelling in Spain or Italy or Asian countries if you are American citizen. This can be very confusing. Local drivers cannot help you if you don’t know their language.

New Zealand Road Signs

Best Luxury Destinations in the USA


This is the most popular travel destination in the USA. It is good for luxury traveling. Why go? The marvelous Maui’s landscapes are good for relaxation and different water sports. The beach is clean and pleasant as the weather is. The prices are scaring but you can catch sales in the off season period. There are many restaurants, clubs, shops to spend time and money. Enjoy your luxury life!

Hawaii – The Big Island

This luxury resort takes honorable second position among the TOP list of popular US destinations. You should go there because the Big Island has more opportunities for travelers than the other Hawaiian islands. The hotels offer SPA services, cosmetic procedures and adventurous time being. If you want nothing but spending time on the beach, you’ll get the most pleasant beach ever! The water sports and other beach attractions are available.

Ski Victoria's campaign with Skimax


TOP 3 luxury destination in the US is given to Aspen. You should go there if you like mountain views, ski sports, snow attractions and fresh air. Of course, the prices for sports and hotel suites are rather high. But all Americans like spending their weekend on the Aspen hills.


This exotic resort offers you to spend time in a perfect climate here. The weather is good here all the time. The green palms and golden shores are waiting for you the year round. This is one of the most exotic islands in the Hawaiian chain, and the most expensive one. Sometimes, you pay more money for the charming nature views, but not for comfort.

San Francisco

San Francisco is worth visiting for all nature-seekers, food hunters, and other adventurous tourists. This is the territory of eclectic neighborhoods, historical arts, and picturesque landscapes. Every little thing here still has lots of cosmopolitan charms. The city is old and atmospheric. There is always something to see here.


Palm Springs

This popular touristic destination attracts people with its well-organized hotels. There is a pool, golf court, hiking opportunities, SPA treatment at every hotel. Look around. The hotel territory is surrounded by the Coachella Valley Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park. The nature is green and wild. You can take your chance and go hiking through the forest for exploring nature.

Luxury destinations in the USA will impress you with relaxation, beautiful sceneries and getting away from the daily routine. You can check one of these stylish and interesting places and spend your vacation there. Each of them is easy to get by NU car. You can find a good car according to your age, price and driving skills.

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