Romantic Locations For The Perfect Honeymoon

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Do you have a wedding on the horizon? Looking for the perfect place to spend a romantic honeymoon with your new wife or husband? If so then we have rounded up some of the most beautiful locations around the world for your consideration. Honeymoons are about nothing more than you, your partner, and a luxury getaway where you can kick your marriage off in style. If you aren’t sure where to go, why not have a look at some of these romantic destinations.  

Dominican Republic 

Whilst the Dominican Republic may be one of the most popular of the Caribbean islands, that is not to say that there aren’t some perfect little hideaways for you and your new spouse to be alone in sheer luxury. A Honeymoon in Punto Cana makes for a wonderful start to any marriage, luxury hotels and villas, miles upon mile soft untouched beaches and some wonderful options for fine dining and romantic walks along the shore. If you want to hit the Caribbean for your honeymoon, look no further than Punto Cana in the Dominican Republic.  

The Seychelles 

Sat in the middle of the beautiful Indian ocean, the Seychelles offers you your very own slice of paradise where you and your new partner can bask in each others company. The reason why the Seychelles is such a great honeymoon destination is its simplicity, just you and your loved one, sat in a cabin above the ocean, watching the marine life swim below through your glass bottomed floor. The sands are white, the ocean is crystal clear and there is nothing much to do but enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful slices of nature.  


Some cities are known for particular characteristics which rarely live up to their name tag, Paris however, most certainly lives up to its billing as the city of love. You may think that such a busy city may be a chaotic way to spend a honeymoon but with the volume of quaint boutique hotels and luxury apartment, the truth is that you can be in the city centre and feel worlds apart from everyone else. Romantic walks along the River Seine, kissing underneath the Eiffel tower, sealing your love to a padlock where it will forever stay on the city’s bridges and sharing each other’s company in French bistros are the order of the day, the perfect way to spend your first days as man and wife.  


Paris isn’t the only honeymoon destination which gets our seal of approval, so too does Italy’s Tuscany region, a stunning corner of the world with rolling valleys, artistic cities and pure seclusion. Whether you dance in the streets of Florence, watch the sunset across the green hills or sit in a small, local restaurant, dining on crisp wine and local cuisine, this is a place which simply screams romance. Tuscany may receive a lot of tourism, but within the rustic and winding roads of the region, you can find many hidden away cabins and homes for you to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon.

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