Romantic Wedding: TOP 5 Hotels that Are Perfect for Honeymooners!

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Do you want a perfect wedding? You know, the place where you are going to conduct a wedding ceremony must be really perfect. What do you think? Do you want a traditional classic ceremony in the church or village dances? Do you want to get married outdoors somewhere in the forest or on the beach? What if you like mountains and planning to go to Switzerland? Finally, you have a chance to plan the best romantic ceremony in the history of your city! If you are not limited in budget and want to have your wedding the best of the best, start from planning. Thinking of a perfect wedding venue, don’t forget about the best car. How about vintage cars from the car rental at rentalcars24h service on your location? But first, let’s pick a wedding platform!




Go to India

This hotel is named as the most popular one! It can boast the amazing service, marble lobby, handmade interior. Every suite is organized with a separate living space, dining zone, a small private pool. Traditionally, you can find a mini bar in the room, modern TV, and hotel restaurant at your disposal. The beautiful Pichola Lake is near here. You can take a boat and go boating to cross the lake and get to the nearest city. What is more, you can spend time in the fitness center, a huge outdoor pool, and high-class restaurant. The price for your apartments starts from $9 000 but time you will spend there cannot be measured.

Our Wedding - Barry & Gillian



Go to Florida

What do you think about hiring an island for the period of your ceremony? This is the place where all your dreams come true. Little Palm Resort gives you a chance to book the whole island for a day or two. So, it’s time to pick the best place for a big date on your island! How about a picturesque bungalow? You can also conduct your ceremony on the beach. It sounds romantic, isn’t it? The point is, there is an opportunity for only one wedding a day. There cannot be two wedding ceremonies at the same time on your island! You are recommended to take no more than 50 guests and think of your ceremony style. What about the price? The price starts from $170 000, including menu, place, decoration, bar and bungalow for just married couple.

Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, Foz do Iguaçu National Park, Brazil



Go to Italy

The building is comfortably situated on a top of a hill opening the marvelous view to the seacoast. This is not a hotel, but a beautiful palace form the 11th century. Romantic environment is everywhere here, in the marble bath, flat terraces, small private gardens, colorful frescos on the walls that are more than 900 years old. Also, there is a modern restaurant, bar, SPA salon, fitness center. Looking for a good place for your ceremony in the palace, pay attention to Belmond Caruso Ball Hall. You will be surprised how many attractive proposal the hotel has. The wedding package with a minimum service is about $1 850, maximum – $430 000. You should read more about the list of available service on their website.




Go to New York

How about the idea of getting married in the center of New York? If you don’t like boring classic, you may try the craziest variant ever. You have a chance to get married on a top of the roof of Tribeca. The building has 12 floors that open the best romantic views to Gudzon. If you don’t want to get marry outdoors, you may try to book the indoor platform. One way or another, this must be modern and stylish ceremony or just mix of classic and modernism. In addition to all these, the restaurant in Tribeca is one of the best world restaurants. You may be sure, your wedding will be interesting by emotions and unique by taste. Your guests will remember this day.





Bahamas is popular and most romantic place for wedding. The private island on the South of Bahamas can be the island of your dreams. Musha Cay is the most mysterious and weird place. This platform is good for your wedding only if you want to have a super private ceremony. You can take no more than 25 guests and family members. It will cost you about $250 000.  Nevertheless, this magic place with wild tropic forest, fresh flowers, palms are worth your money. You can take a boat for rent to have a romantic voyage. There are tennis courts, SPA salon, beach restaurant. Minimum you may stay here is up to 5 nights. Think about it. It can be a great opportunity to spend your honey moon here, in the paradise.

Looking for the best wedding hotel, try to make it perfect according to your taste and special requirements. There are many places, which are good for big ceremonies with numerous guests. There are also places, where you can take only your family members with you for wedding. The hotels are different by style and decoration. Try to pick one that suits you the most.

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