Senior Health: 5 Tips for Successful Aging

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If you want to age gracefully and in good health, you have to think ahead and start acting today. The way you treat your body and mind in the present will determine what you will be like in your golden years, so here are five tips for aging successfully and maintaining your well-being in the process.


With years, your nutritional requirements change, so keep your diet in tune with your body’s needs. Base it on fruit and vegetables, and with an emphasis on legumes, which you can find fresh at any of the Sydney’s farmers’ markets. Consume lean meat, such as chicken or turkey breast, but also fish and other seafood, while the dairy products you eat should be low-fat. If you enjoy bread and pasta, just make sure you don’t get the white ones, but rather the whole-grain versions. You should eat in moderate amounts, and not until you’re completely full. Furthermore, talk to your doctor about your nutrient and calorie intake and see if you should get some supplements for proper body function.

Physical activity

Senior Health: 5 Tips for Successful Aging

People who are physically active tend to live longer and stay healthier for longer, so not only will it add years to your life, but make those years pleasant and allow you to enjoy them to the fullest. The simplest activity you can engage yourself in is walking, about 10,000 steps a day if possible, but you might also like yoga, swimming, or dancing, so choose whatever exercise suits you best and keep moving. Plus, spend as much time as you can outside, in any of Sydney’s lovely parks or at the beach. Your goal should be to maintain flexibility and physical stability and keep your weight in order while slowing down muscle deterioration which happens as you age. So, unless you spend your days working in your garden, taking care of your grandchildren or doing endless chores that require you to move, find another way to stay on your feet and active.

Regular checkups

Even if you feel perfectly fine, you should still see your doctor regularly, just to be on the safe side. With age come some frequent medical issues, such as hypertension, diabetes or problems with bones and joints. Some of these can be avoided or at least postponed if you follow your doctor’s advice, so if you don’t have a regular physician, finding one in the city isn’t that hard. However, if visiting a doctor’s office is difficult for you, due to distance or the time you have to lose in the crowded waiting rooms, you can find a reliable home doctor in Sydney, who can see you in the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day. Finally, don’t forget to have your hearing and eyesight checkups at least every six months, since they can decline with age.

Social interactions

Senior Health: 5 Tips for Successful Aging

Staying in touch with your loved ones, whether family or friends, can help you stay cheerful, avoid stress and have somebody to rely on when things get difficult for you. Either visit them and invite them over or use the many social and cultural events big cities such as Sydney offer you to have some meaningful fun together. Talk to them about anything that’s bothering you and be honest and open about it, so that they know how to help you if necessary. Plus, try meeting new people as often as possible, to expand your circle of friends and get a fresh view of life.

Mind workout

Having a healthy and agile mind is just as important as having a limber and fit body. Giving your mind various complex tasks daily will keep it healthier than watching TV all day. So, read books, listen to some new music, solve puzzles, and travel as often as you can. Learn a new language or skill to stay sharp and avoid boredom. You can even consider getting a pet so that you have an obligation and somebody to take care of.

Aging shouldn’t be a burden or something bad, but just another period of your life to embrace and cherish. So, stay healthy and happy to relish your life, no matter your age.

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