Signs Your Commercial Refrigeration Systems Need Repairs

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Your commercial refrigeration system is an important part of your business and is responsible for keeping food fresh for your customers. Without a system that works properly, you can end up losing money on wasted food and eventually the cost to replace the unit. To ensure your refrigeration system is functioning up to its full potential, be sure to look out for the most common warning signs that something may be going wrong with your refrigerator.

Bad Odors and Strange Noises

If there is a mechanical issue with your unit, you may begin to smell bad smells whenever you’re near it. The most common cause of this odor is the buildup of mold and bacteria, usually forming in the drip pan from leaking water. Another reason you may be smelling odors from the fridge is that the food inside might be spoiling faster.

It’s also common to hear buzzing noises coming from the refrigerator. Mechanical malfunctions are the typical cause for this type of noise and will get worse over time if you don’t get it checked out.  If your fridge is suddenly noises, there’s a good chance the cooling fan may need cleaning, or something has gone wrong with the compressor.

Temperatures that Increase

If you haven’t noticed any weird smells or sounds coming from your fridge but are noticing that your food is spoiling quickly, there may be issues with the temperature. The fridge may be struggling to stay as cold as needed, resulting in food going bad. Typically, the first step is to change the temperature setting in your fridge, but if you’re already done that, there could be bigger issues. For these, contact a professional like this San Diego commercial refrigeration installation company if you’re in the SoCal area.

Built-Up Ice

A properly functioning refrigeration system should never have a buildup of ice in the freezer. One of the most common causes of excessive ice inside the freezer is a faulty door seal, which can be an easy fix. The door handles can also be loose, which can be another easy thing to repair. The main culprit for ice in the freezer is that the freezer door isn’t sealing properly. Without a proper seal, things begin to thaw and defrost, causing moisture inside the freezer, which eventually freezes.

High Energy Bills

If your unit needs to work harder than normal due to some type of mechanical issue, you will end up noticing your bills increase. Some of the most common reasons for a fridge that runs constantly is the freezer temperature being too high, the condenser coils are dirty, the door gasket may be defective, the evaporator fan is faulty, and there might be problems with the defrost timer.

To save yourself time and money, and to make your life easier, have your unit serviced anytime you notice a problem. While you might not want to pay for it, that service can end up a minor expense compared to the cost of a potentially small issue turning into something huge. Putting it off too long may end up leading to the necessity of buying a whole new commercial system for your business.

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