The Italian Beaches: 7 Sandy Spots for Full Relaxation

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Contrary to popular belief, in order to enjoy the wonderful beaches and clear sea, you don’t need to fly to the Caribbean. Just hire a car at rentalcars24h and go to the most charming beaches of Italy! Tender sun and warm sand, turquoise sea and gentle breeze – this description fits almost every local seaside city. At 7,500 kilometers of the coastline of the country there’s enough space for famous beaches, where it’s always noisy and fun, and cozy lagoons, which are safely hidden from tourists by rocks. Among the 269 beaches with crystal clear water, we’ve selected the best beaches in Italy and described them below…

Cala Rossa, Favignana, Sicily

Favinagna Island

Are you looking for a quiet beach to get away from everyone and spend some time in silence? Then go to Favignana – a tiny island situated off the coast of Sicily. It’s famous for its turquoise waters and old limestone watchmen-rocks guarding the unhurried course of life of the inhabitants. Only a few thousand people live there and there are four dozen hotels on the whole island. It’s not easy to get to Favignana – the island is available only by ferry from Sicily, but due to this fact, you almost won’t find tourists there. The only thing that can darken your rest is the telephone, so don’t forget to turn it off while being on the ship.


Cala Mariolu, Baunei, Sardinia

Cala Mariolu

(photo by Francesca)

Mariolu Bay is a true paradise on the Tyrrhenian coast. The tiny beach is surrounded by picturesque rocks from which you can dive into amazingly clear water. It’s hard to believe, but just 50 kilometers from this tropical paradise, snow-capped peaks of Gennargentu National Park are situated.

The highlight of Cala Mariolu is white marble pebbles, changing its color under the influence of sunlight. So, it seems that on the shore it’s pink, and in the water it flashes with multicolor motley shades. But the most surprising thing is that the magic pebble colors the sea water in different tones. In addition, Cala Mariolu is ideal for families with children and for enthusiastic divers, because the coastal waters of the beach are not deep.


Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa, Sicily

Spiaggia dei Conigli

(photo by Lucio Sassi)

Spiaggia dei Conigli more than once was recognized as the best beach in the world. It’s not surprising, because this is one of those places where you want to stay forever. White sand, stunning wildlife and a smooth coastline are the reasons of its high popularity. The beach is located in a protected area, and it’s not easy to get to it. First you need to come to Lampedusa Island, which is not a trivial task. Then you need to go by bus or car, and then walk for about 20 minutes. And these 20 minutes, perhaps, will leave you even more impressions than the beach itself: the views opening from the mountain trail are simply amazing!


Marina dell’Isola, Tropea, Calabria

La spiaggia delle mie piante

(photo by Gino Cherchi)

Marina dell’Isola is a great choice for a beach holiday if you are too lazy to reach secluded islands by ferries. This beach is located on the Tyrrhenian coast, at the very tip of the Italian “boot”, and it’s quite easy to get there by rental car. True, for this reason it’s quite crowded there.

Marina dell’Isola is worth visiting even in case you just travel to the south of Italy: the beach, the azure sea and the golden rock with the little chapel of Santa Maria del Isola on the top are very photogenic and they ask to be photographed.


Cala Spinosa, Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia


(photo by Luciano Bertieri)

Spinosa Bay is surrounded by rocks, and there’s only a tiny strip of sand to go into the water. But the sea is so transparent there that it seems as if anchored yachts soar in the air. Tourists rarely travel so far to the north of Sardinia, but a lot of Italians visit it on the weekends. However, on weekdays, this beach should be definitely visited for sunbathing, snorkeling and enjoying the local scenery.


La Pelosa, Stintino, Sardinia

View of La Pelosa, Stintino (Sardinia, Italy)

La Pelosa is the best sandy beach in Sardinia. The reason for such exalted words lies not only in the dazzling white sand and azure sea water. In summer, autumn, winter and spring the beach is equally calm and peaceful. Such an enviable constancy of weather, without storms and unrest, is provided by Asinara Island. The beach is perfect for a family holiday, as the coast is quite shallow. A well-developed infrastructure with a lot of cafes and restaurants won’t allow to get bored either children or adults.


Bahia del Silencio, Sestri Levante, Liguria

La Bahia del silencio

(photo by Sarita102)

Bahia del Silencio is located to the south of the old town of Sestri Levante. The fine sand and clear sea, combined with the pretty pictures of traditional Ligurian houses and a lot of fishing boats, create a special atmosphere of harmony between man and nature. But this chamber beach becomes really exciting and heart-warming at dawn and dusk, when the play of sunshine hits the bay. That’s why sea yachting and walking on the coast are so popular there!


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