Tips to Organise A Rummy Party At Home

Tips to Organise A Rummy Party At Home

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Rummy lovers are always craving for excuses to get together on a table for a round of rummy. Now, if you are one of the avid rummy players and wish to stay around your rummy playing friends, you must try organising a rummy party occasionally. It is not very difficult to organise a party but it is sure to help you stay in touch with the real rummy players. So, confused how to go about it? Well, here are some simple tips to help you with the ordeal:

Prepare A List of Rummy Player Contacts

The first task at hand when you organise a rummy party is to get a list of names of avid players in your circles. These maybe rummy players in your locality, friend circle or even on your internet chat circles. Once this list is prepared, make it a point to contact all these people through different mediums like phone, social networking and messages. Give a week’s time for all your contacts to respond. This response will help you create an estimate of the people actually arriving for the rummy party.

Decide Party Date to Match Availability of Maximum Enthusiasts

Before communicating with people, you might have decided an arbitrary date for the party. Once you speak to people, you will get to know whether most of them are available on the day or not. Based on this information, you can decide whether to keep the party on the same date or shift it to a different date. Those who are keen on rummy card game will try to make it to the party if it is possible.

Prepare a Gaming Dress Code

Depending on the number of people arriving, you may decide the dress code. If you are planning to have different rummy tables, you can provide a colour code for each table. If you are planning to have team tournaments, you can assign colour codes to each team. The gaming dress code helps to create the right mood for playing a rummy tournament.

Choose the Décor to Create Perfect Gaming Ambience

When you are planning a weekend of playing rummy, the ambience needs to go with the plan. You may set out a couple of chairs and tables. You may have some wall decals for gaming and rummy in your living room. Choose the right music to play in the background. You may go for something that is apt for the mood.

Select Snacks and Drinks to Live Up to The Occasion

If it is a rummy party, it cannot be without snacks. If it is just a round of rummy, people can get it online on Khelplayrummy. When you have invited people to come to your house and spending their precious time at your place, you need to offer them some real tasty snacks. Quick bites are always loved by people. Prepare some minced meat cutlets, a few crispy chicken nuggets and some mixed veg tikkis. You need to fix snacks that match upto the expectations of different people assembled for the party. Also pick some good cold drinks and coffee variations to soothe the players as they play.

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