Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

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Being single is not the worst thing in the world. A lot of women are single and loving it. Some of them enjoy a single life and want to focus on themselves. Some, on the other hand, have gotten through a bad breakup and just need a break. Well whatever the case is, you still do not have to go though it alone. A companion doesn’t always have to be a man, at least not a human male counterpart.

Having a dog is beneficial on so many ways. Keeping a dog as your faithful companion has a lot of health benefits and important factors to it that it is even recommended for senior citizens as well. In this case, a loveable pet will serve as a multipurpose companion. It will make you happy when you are down. It will keep you company so you do not feel lonely. Most importantly, it will protect you and keep you safe from any person who wants to inflict harm. And a faithful pet will always be there for your needs.

All of these characteristics sound kinda similar to what a man needs to do. So let’s just say that a dog is a viable substitute for one. But what are the best kinds of dogs? Which is the best breed a single women should keep? Here is our take on it and a list of top ten dog breeds that single women could have.

English Bulldog

An English Bulldog is recommended for women who live in an apartment. These dogs will provide a great protection and make sure that you are safe. They usually form a bond with the owner and can get very aggressive if they sense that their masters are in danger. This sounds perfect for a woman who lives alone in an apartment and needs more safety. So what better safety than an English Bulldog.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

But this is not the only advantage that they have. Since they are adaptable and do not mind being kept in an apartment, they are also very quiet and some would say lazy. As you keep them inside, they will spend most of their days laying around the apartment. So they can even be of some comfort from when you need them. Walking them is not a problem because they mostly get protective if somebody tries to invade their living area. They are also good with children.


A Greyhound may not sound like an obvious choice for a single women, but there are a lot of advantages of having one. These dogs are medium sized and even though they prefer the outdoors, they can be kept in an apartment. A Greyhound is best for an active woman who likes going out and being active. The dog will keep you company on walks and on jogs and will certainly match your energy levels.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

A Greyhound is also highly trainable and can learn to behave quite easily. But once they settle down, they can be quite big couch potatoes. They will probably wait for you in the apartment just by laying down and doing nothing. But you should watch for the sofa as it will probably be their favorite place to rest. Nevertheless, once you get home they will treat you with a high energy Hello and be very happy to see that you are back.


If you have gone through a bad breakup or are just living in a bad neighborhood, a Boxer is a perfect choice. Boxers are very territorial and loyal dogs. They value their owners the most and provide protection to them at all costs. They are more active than a bulldog and can be more vocal about it as well. But they do not mind being kept in an apartment or a household.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

A Boxer is a perfect choice for a woman who needs some extra protection. This breed does not only behave in an intimidating way when trouble is about to happen it looks intimidating so trouble does not happen. A Boxer will be your safety net and will make sure nobody comes to your apartment uninvited. A single woman does not have to feel scared having this dog around.

Cairn Terrier

A Cairn Terrier is a loveable dog which provides endless love and excitement to the owner. They are fluffy small dogs who can bring joy to a girl whenever she needs it. They are originally working dogs, so they do have high energy levels which they need to use up somewhere. Carin Terriers are thus recommended for women who are active and do not mind expressing their feelings. The dog will certainly do the same.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

They do require some grooming, but if you love your dog you will not mind doing that. They also do not mind living in an apartment and do not need a lot of space. But they do need frequent walks. This dog will be a perfect companion for you when you go out. It will befriend your friends easily and does not mind the company of other dogs as well. All in all, a Cairn Terrier is a perfect companion that can cheer you up.


You will be surprised to hear that a Chihuahua has the same protective drive as a Boxer. These dogs are much bigger in courage then their size suggests. They are very loveable and affectionate. But their Napoleon complex also means that size doesn’t matter. These dogs originated as guard dogs and have their protective instincts ingrained deep inside their DNA. You will see that their bark is much stronger than a bite of some much bigger dogs.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

A Chihuahua is a small dog and it does not require so much space. It does require some maintenance, but generally minimal. They provide comfort and protection at the same time and you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Go for a walk with them or even on a trip. They will enjoy being around you and will make sure that you feel wanted and happy.


A Labradoodle is a designer dog and a hybrid. And as such it holds some traits and also advantages compared to the pure bred dogs. One such advantage is hypoallergenic fur. So this dog is perfect for women who are alerting and also for those who want to keep their dog in the apartment. This will enable them to keep things cleaner and also they do not shed as much as other types of dogs. All the people who drop by for a visit will also appreciate this.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

A Labradoodle is an extremely friendly type of a dog and will keep you company. It is a very good companion dog and will be there for you when you need it. Go for a walk together and spend a quiet afternoon at home. A Labadoodle will support you no matter what you decide to do.


A Pug has to be one of the most adorable dogs in the world. They are cute and very interesting. They have a certain kind of an attitude to their look and behavior so you will most certainly enjoy your company. These dogs are extremely small, so they do not require a lot of space nor maintenance. But your company would mean a world to them. They do not bark so much so they are perfect as apartment dwellers.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

Usually young girls like these types of dogs. They are very energetic at times so they need somebody to match their energy levels and excitement. A Pug also enjoys to go for walks and to meet new people and animals. But it can be territorial if you are trying to invite the household. So be careful with a girl who owns a Pug.


A Schnauzer is a type of a dog who works best with retired people or people with low energy. Some women enjoy staying at home and having a great night in. A Schnauzer will be your best companion as it will snuggle up close to you and simply enjoy you being there. They like the company of their owners and prefer to be close to then.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

These dogs are small and like the indoors. You still have to take them for a walk, but that it as far as they go. There are absolutely no big requirement for you to do. But grooming is essential for them so you can have an activity that you are going to do together with your dog.


A Poodle is by far one of the best option for a single woman to have. These dogs are beneficial in so many ways and will serve as great pets not just for a woman but for any kind of a dog lover. Poodles are viewed as one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. They are obedient and highly trainable. They serve both as good watch dogs and can companion dogs.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

One of the best things is that these dogs are quite clean and have hypoallergenic fur. You can keep them inside the house and they actually prefer things this way. You can take them out for walks and even take them swimming, as they are originally water dogs. All in all, a poodle is probably the best choice for any occasion since it is such a versatile type of a dog.

Great Dane

A Great Dane is considered as the world’s biggest lap dog. It is an enormous dog, one of the biggest in the world. But it is at eh same time one of the gentlest dog in the world. They usually nickname it the gentle giant. They are very quiet and obedient and respect their masters. Their size does not have to present a problem as they can even adapt to living in an apartment. But be prepared for it to constantly occupy your couch.

Top 10 Dog Breed Companions for Single Women

Since they are quite big dogs they are also quite intimidating. They can serve as a protection from burgles and they are great guard dogs. A Great Dane may look like it demands a lot of maintenance, but in fact they require moderate attention. They will be grateful when you spend time with them and also for taking them out on walks.

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