Top-Class Stay: 5 Things That Make the Hotel Truly Luxurious

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In the years of the economic development of the late 90s and at the beginning of the present century, the number of companies that build luxury hotels has grown substantially. This is due to the fact that many people began to earn more, and could afford to enjoy an exotic vacation by spending them at luxury hotels. It was then that the question arose: what makes a luxury hotel truly luxurious? Is it possible to call a hotel luxurious because it features five stars, or all depends on the level of service provided? Of course, there’s no unequivocal answer, despite all the disputes regarding the true criteria for the evaluation of a particular hotel. So, we have compiled a list of the main features that make hotels luxurious. However, it should be noted that each one should be evaluated according to its own distinction.

Location of luxury hotels

The location of the hotel and the views opening from its windows play almost the key role in choosing a hotel. The best hotels, as a rule, are placed in the center of the largest cities of the world and are in close proximity to each other. For example, in Paris, all the best prestigious hotels occupy the right bank of the Seine River, because it provides the most stunning views of the city. The location is crucial feature for luxury hotels – they provide not only the best panoramas of any city, but also are usually situated near its major attractions.

Luftbild Marina Bay Singapur

These requirements are met by all the greatest luxury hotels in the world. Of course, this doesn’t apply to lodgings located in resort areas. In this case, perhaps, the main criterion for assessing the hotel is the presence of a large and well-groomed adjoining territory.


Services provided at luxury hotels

Those features that are presented by ordinary hotels as their advantages over competitors are just the must-have services for luxury hotels.

Each prestigious hotel usually has a 24-hour fitness center with a personal trainer, a breathtaking view of the city and a rooftop swimming pool. A concierge, babysitter, personal butler or an employee who can take a walk with your pet are also included into the list of available services.

Romantic spot by the outdoor pool of the Hotel

In addition, if you want to order a special dinner to your room, or maybe you need to take advantage of a shuttle on the hotel grounds or rentalcars24h car rental service, as well as book theater tickets, then each luxury hotel has no right to ignore your needs.


Amenities at luxury hotels

Luxury hotels should have not just a wide range of services, but also the best and most modern amenities. Customers of these hotels expect only high-quality amenities and wish to find everything they need in a comfortable hotel environment. Services that are nowhere else to be found, often help to raise the status of the hotel. Visitors always want to have on-site indoor pools, bars, saunas, spa treatments and much more, which makes the hotel really attractive.

Sofitel So Bangkok - Metal Element Room - 01

Prestigious lodgings usually ideally combine advanced technologies with their own unique style. As a result, there’s always something special for each holidaymaker.


Service level at luxury hotels

Service level at luxury hotels should be simply outstanding and much more qualitative than the common hotels offer. It should not only meet the expectations of the customers, but also exceed these requirements. There are many cases when the administration of luxury hotels delivered some products and other items from the other country or even continent by airplane, just in order to satisfy their demanding lodgers.

Yellow sun-bed chairs around the swimming pool of the Luxury Hotel Kassandra Bay

The hotel staff must be also trained at the highest level: they have to solve the problems of the visitors immediately.


Attention to each detail at luxury hotels

Attractive interior design is the sphere where luxury hotels are doing well. Works of fine art, architectural delights and artifacts from all the most attractive regions of the world are used to create it. Just take a look at such hotels as Vincent Hotel in Southport, UK or Burj Al Arab in Dubai to make sure of this fact.

Ornaments in the form of gilded foliage and marble floors are the standard for luxury hotels. The owners don’t spare money for such decorations, as many people associate luxury with precisely such unique interior solutions. Luxury hotels pay attention to the smallest details that are ignored at other hotels. That’s why a significant number of guests want to return to the particular hotel again and again.

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Summing it up, we can say that each luxury hotel is unique in its own way. Such hotels differ from the mass hotel chains with the money they spend, and the specifics of their work. The rest of the hotels cannot match the highest requirements thus providing a good reason for travelers to choose luxury hotels for their vacation. Star rating is a good guide for those who are looking for a suitable lodging, but it doesn’t always reflect the true state of affairs in a particular hotel and cannot serve as a universal assistant for choosing a truly luxurious hotel. Therefore, it’s recommended to search for a hotel according to a certain criterion which is the most important for you.

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