TOP Things You MUST HAVE in Your Wardrobe to Look Like Local in Milan

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Italians are elegant in their style and Milan is their fashion capital. The city is full of shops and workshops, where you can buy the newest clothes from the world famous brands and accessories the fit you the most. Milan is a fashion city. You may need a car to look everything around. You can take Avis in Malpensa and feel free to start your shopping right now. No doubts, locals can boast their sense of style, be it a jacket or cocktail dress. Milan is a birth place of Prada, Armani and D&G. Locals know everything about the art of dressing. The secret of their style is simple: fit, color, and fabric. So, if you want to look like true Italians, you should buy a lot of things. Keep reading.

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Neutral Colors

Italians prefer neutral colors. They like blacks, greys, greens. You can hardly meet locals dressed bright in their casual. People like classic looks. It can be jeans, sweaters, white shirts, black cocktail dress or coat. Neutral colors are always in the fashion. It is called minimalism.

Stylish Shoes

It is weird but here in Milan your sneakers are as much popular as high heels.


Sunglasses are worn the year round. You can wear glassy or mirror glasses in winter and bright glasses in summer. Follow the season.


Man or woman jacket is a symbol of elegance and style in Italy. People wear jackets over their black suite to the office. They also wear jacket with jeans and shirts for hanging out with friends. By the way, Giorgio Armani has approved this look in his latest collection.




Cases, backpacks, bags are good for Milan. Working people are often met in the city with special cases, where they carry their laptops and important papers. If you want to look like locals, pay attention to Prada. They’ve been making the most stylish leather bags since 1913. Do you want to know a name of the best shop to buy a bag? It is called Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.


Italians like T-shirts. The most popular are T-shirts with prints. Locals wear it to the office or to hang out with friends in the evening. By the way, it must be a T-shirt from one of the most popular brands in Italy. Remember that!


Hats are needed to protect you from sun or rain. This is the most popular accessory because it is useful and stylish at the same time. Hats from Borsalino are needed. This is a classic man hat that is good for both, man and woman. Have doubts about the color? Take a black one!

Chunks Not Chips



If you don’t like neutral colors, you can add something bright to your look. It can be anything, like a bright tie, hand watch, scarf or bracelet. If you want to feel crazy, you can buy a pair of Gallo socks, colored and fancy.

Special Feature

Every cloth item you have, a dress, coat, jeans, no matter what, must be good for you. It’s a kind of magic. Your clothes make you look original, special, different. Changing your clothes you can change your mind, mood, life position. You are an individual and you need clothes to accent your individuality, tell your story. Think about it!

Milano Fashion Week & Design, 02/2011



You can go shopping every day. Be attentive as on Sundays and Mondays the most of the shops close their door at 3.30 p.m. It is surprisingly, isn’t it?


Looking for jewelry, you can go to Tarabelloni & Co. The prices are brilliant. You will pay about $300 for a necklace from Versace! Looking for the best clothes, go to the best city tailor Gianni Campagna. This is a unique place where you can buy a suit from Lagerfeld and Valentino.


Of course, you should start from the city center. There are four fashion streets – Spiga, Montenapoleone, Sant Andrea, and Manzoni. Obviously, this place is full of shops, boutiques, and malls. You probably want to book a hotel not far from shopping places to save money for transport. Such hotels as Townhouse, Four Seasons, Park Hyatt and Bulgari are at your full disposal.

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney lobby



The streets of Milan are full of interesting cafes and restaurants. They are mostly situated around the trade zone. Such popular places as Pasticceria Cova, Baglioni Cafe are famous their cappuccino. Lunching in a fashionable Nobu at Armani’s store is also worth your attention. The best evening dishes are waiting for you at the restaurant near La Scala. The places are popular and the atmosphere is friendly!

Sometimes people are afraid of coming to Milan. They can’t even think that shopping can be cheap here. How? If you don’t have enough money to buy clothes in Milan, try to catch a sale. Expensive clothes look weird if it is made of cheap fabric. That’s why you must be ready to pay much but add a new bright accessory to your look.

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