What Are Laser Burns Caused by Beauty Treatments?

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Lasers are used in many beauty treatments. Hair removal, reduction of wrinkles, treatments to erase scars and tattoos, are some of the benefits offered by this procedure. But such treatments also carry a risk; there is a risk of suffering laser burns when undergoing such procedures, especially in unregulated beauty centres.

A laser is an intense light that can cause damage to the skin. To perform any type of laser procedure it is very important to take into account the surface of the skin to which it will be applied, and the power and duration of the laser pulse which will be used.

These parameters have to be regulated according to the area of ​​the body and the characteristics of the skin of each person. For this reason, it is advisable that the treatment is received in an aesthetic centre with specialised personnel who have undergone rigorous training and are experienced in such treatments.

Common laser burn injuries

The most frequent injuries are photoepilation burns or laser hair removal burns; fortunately, almost all are first-degree or second-degree superficial burns, so in many cases, they can be treated at home.

There are a wide variety of creams on the market to relieve the symptoms of this type of burn. But, whichever post-procedure treatment is used, it is advisable to take photos so that you can see the evolution of the burn, and the healing process, just to be sure.

More severe cases

On the other hand, if a severe burn occurs when undergoing any beauty treatment at an aesthetic center, the photographs with a medical diagnosis can be used as proof of the negligence committed by the centre for a possible claim for damages and losses caused.

Another type of laser burn which is common is laser burns in the eyes. According to experts when the light is received directly from a laser beam, an injury is instantaneously caused. Importantly, such a painless burn can go unnoticed initially, but the victim can later suffer from a gradual deterioration of sight due to the laser burn.

Medical and legal help

Whenever there is a suspicion that a burn has been sustained as a result of a beauty treatment procedure gone wrong, it is essential to first seek medical advice from a dermatologist or eye specialist. Also, an experienced lawyer will be able to help you establish if professional negligence played a part in the injury and if there are grounds to make a claim for burn compensation in relation to the injuries suffered. The claim procedure can be complex and an experienced lawyer will be able to help guide you through the various stages including collecting the necessary evidence and stating your case in the most persuasive manner. This will increase the chances of the claim resulting in a satisfactory outcome, and an acceptable compensation settlement.

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