Where to Ski in Slovenia

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If you have a skiing passion as vast as the ocean but a pocket that is unfortunately not as deep, then Slovenia has got your back as it provides first-rate skiing action without denting your wallet too much. So where to ski in Slovenia is naturally the next question that springs to mind and these three exemplary locations offer the perfect answer:

1) Vogel

The resort is particularly appealing for its two-in-one package offering stunning views of the mesmerizing Lake Bohinj- which is in itself an icy winter attraction that lures dozens to its shore- and, more importantly, a splendid skiing experience for families and those testing the waters of skiing for the first time. Hardcore skiers are also well taken care of with challenging off-piste. Snow is in abundant supply in Vogel, as its location on the first out-looking slope in the Julian Alps alleviates the need for artificial snow compensation ensuring consistent and excellent snow throughout the skiing period until late April. Infrastructure wise, the resort boasts 8 drag lifts, a similar number of chairlifts and 9 km a piece of red and black pistes on a terrain amassing a total length just under 16 kilometers and slopes reaching up to 1800 meters in elevation. There is also a state-of-the-art gondola to better accessibility and convenience from Lake Bohinj but this means of transport is in high demand during the peak season so you’ll need to there early if you fancy a ride.


2) Mariborsko Pohorje

Mariborsko Pohorje is much larger in comparison to Vogel as its terrain stretches out to just under 42 kilometers in length which is made up of 5 km of black piste and 13 km of black piste with blue piste taking up the remainder of the total. It also comes out on top in a head-to-head with its predecessor in terms to skiing facilities as it has within its perimeter 16 drag lifts, 5 chair lifts, and a single gondola. The skiing area is rather forested, quite uncharacteristic of the dramatic ranges of the Julian Alps, nonetheless providing excellent trails perfect for intermediates and beginners. This resort’s reputation as a great skiing location is cemented by the fact that it serves as the backdrop for the World Cup women’s alpine skiing event called the Golden Fox Trophy. Mariborsko is also known for the alluring night ski it offers.

3) Rogla

Just like the resort before it, Rogla gets most of its snow artificially and is made up of 9 surface lifts, 2 chair lifts and 13 pistes across a 247-acre compound. Rogla caters to the needs of snowboards by availing a half pipe while skiers can have their fun across cross-country ski trails adding up to more than 30 kilometers. Complimentary features of the resort include wellness programs rolled out by nearby hotels, a sports and recreation center where visitors can let loose and a special kids’ program that satisfies the adventurous spirit of the young. During winter, Rogla provides 10 ski runs and special freestyle and snowboarding events at its fun park.

That rounds off this list on where to ski in Slovenia.

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