Why You Should Always Brush Your Teeth Before and After A Workout

Why You Should Always Brush Your Teeth Before and After A Workout

April 9, 2018 No Comment

You might think that body odour is the only bad smell to lurk around the gym, sadly it’s not. Dentists advise that you should brush after every meal, sometimes that not possible, but for the gym, you should be able to add brushing in before and after and here are the reasons why.

Noticeable Bad Breath

If your beginning to notice that exercise machines are emptying out around you, then it might be because of bad breath. Whilst exercising your breath becomes a lot heavier and this means its more distinguished to others around you. if your oral hygiene isn’t taken care of people will move away from you, it might seem dramatic but whilst your breath becomes heavier so does theirs, and it can be really off-putting to focus if there’s a bad smell in the air.


Although brushing before is for the benefit of others around you, brushing after the gym is for your own oral health. Some people whilst working out choose to consume energy drinks, they can help revitalize you whilst exercising they’re not great for your teeth. Sugars might be a good source of energy they can lead to plaque, cavities and tooth decay, to help counteract the extra sugar brushing after the gym will be beneficial. It might seem trivial but because of the frequency people got to the gym on a weekly basis, these extra sugar can lead to damaged teeth and the need for dental implants.


Athletes and frequent gym visitors are in even more danger of new bacteria’s spreading in their mouths. Due to the additional breathing whilst working out, your mouth becomes drier and the PH level in your mouth drops. With the lack of saliva, bacteria have an ideal breeding grown to become harmful. Some people have a sugary snack or a protein bar before the gym so brushing your teeth before and after lowers the risk of bacteria spreading.

Alternative Approaches

As mentioned before, you might not have the opportunity to brush before or after the gym, it could be a case where you are heading straight to the gym from work or have plans directly after training. Taking your toothbrush to the gym is the best approach to avoid forgetting, but swapping an energy drink to water and running some mouthwash around your mouth can help fight poor oral hygiene.

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