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Working Of Residential Security Film

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Window tinting has become one of the vital parts in the modern homes. With its several advantages, it has become a great investment from the home value point of view. Besides increased the value of your house, you will also have numerous advantages that will help you to save money and enjoy your home to the max. Residential window film can even help you to protect your assets. So, installation of professional window tinting is wise decision as home investment.

House is castle for everyone. Keeping house safe and secure is one of the major responsibilities. When residential security film is installed on the glass of your windows, patios, doors, it offers complete protection for your home and your family.


Home Window Tinting

professional window tinting


A home window tint, also known as solar window film, is a thin layer similar to car window tints.

Like car window tint, it can also help to block UV rays and can control the flow of heat through your windows.

Nowadays, you can opt from the classic mirrored solar film, which offers greatest privacy or you may select from a huge range of films that are nearly invisible that included colored and shaded.


Why Install Residential Security Films

To protect your family and home from flying glass during hurricanes, tornadoes and high winds.

It provides more safety during explosions and bomb blasts. As it does not scattered around. It also helps to spare injury, residential security film gives you pace of mind.


Features Of Residential Film

professional window tinting


They are available in clear, dark, reflective, and frosted.

Thickness of films range from 2mil between 21mil. Among all, most of companies use 6mil to 10 mil. As more thicker films have better resistance on first impact, they tear more easily.

Window film can only be installed within 1/16” of the edge of the glass. As this tiny gap makes the glass vulnerable to forced entry by thieves, high winds, and many more…

When you combine security film with film that reduces the amount of sunlight entering your home for more benefits. As Sunlight contains harmful UV rays. So, 3M Sun Control Films reduce the sun’s glare and make your home cooler, cutting your energy costs.


Advantages Of Residential Films

Privacy And Security

Home privacy is one of the important components in personal life.

A well-applied window tint can make it difficult for anyone to see into your house. During daylight hours, it gives you the freedom to enjoy natural light without having close drapes or artificial lights.


Room Temperature

Many types of window tints reflect a certain amount of light, which keeps your room cooler. It is beneficial during the summer season.


Condition Of Furniture

professional window tinting


It blocks coming UV rays that can damage your households and its fabric, installing window tints can make your home furniture last longer.


Saves Energy

Window tinting is perfect to save energy when it comes to heating and cooling your home.



Thus, you’ve got brief about how residential film useful for your sweet home. Also, how it can make your home safer, preserve the beauty of your furniture and make you more comfortable when the sun’s blazing.

In addition to this, installing residential window tints can also add residential security film to your windows cost less than having to remove old windows and replace them with new ones.

So, if you’ve made up your mind to install tints to your home windows or car windows, it is better to consider the best service providers such asTintprosonline. As they are leading dealers of home and car window tint in Woodbridge.

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